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Old Sat, Apr-27-19, 03:31
eggsnsteak eggsnsteak is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 30
Plan: LC + Noom
Stats: 200/190/150 Female 5'5"
Progress: 20%

Maybe the laundry detergent company changed their formula and you are allergic to a new additive. I am allergic to the whitener added in some.
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Old Thu, May-02-19, 12:18
bohica bohica is offline
New Member
Posts: 7
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 286/271/220 Male 71 inches
Progress: 23%
Location: Near Dallas, TX

An update...

I struggled with the hives and my diet...I tried, in turn, eliminating everything I was eating for a few days. Nothing made a difference. I did give thought to things like laundry detergent and soaps. But it's just my wife and I, and when we buy that stuff, we try to buy it at Costco, in big boxes. We haven't opened a new box of laundry detergent or dryer sheets or anything like that since before I started getting the hives!

It was getting worse, not better...finally, after looking at not only what I was eating, but the total calories I was eating, I saw that at such a low calorie amount, I'd lose weight no matter what diet I was on. To see if the hives went away, I switched to a more traditional diet, higher in carbs. I still kept the calories low. I continued to lose weight...but the hives didn't seem to change much...some days they were less...some days not. And I could still find no pattern that matched the hives. I didn't go anywhere different, wasn't more or less stressed out.

At my last doctor's appointment, which was about 6 weeks ago, he gave me a steroid injection. That cured them completely for two weeks, then they returned. He prescribed an oral steroid medication, which I took over the next 6 days. Except for one day since then, I've been hive free...and that one day was after an 18 hour non-stop drive from Las Vegas to Dallas. I had hives in places where my shoes rubbed, or clothing was of the foot, around the beltline, etc. Been OK since then. So, I'm not sure about the hives...I don't feel they're 'gone'...but they're not currently bothering me. I'm hopeful that they've run their course...I'm not happy about trading one medication for another.

But that brings me to what I'm most happy about. The doc told me, after looking at my BP, and looking at the logs I'd kept, that after I lost a little more weight, it would be OK to stop taking the BP medicine and see what happened. I stopped taking it when I lost 25 pounds. That was about a month ago, and my BP this morning was 123/80.

My total weight loss so far is 33 lbs...but the BP meds are diuretics...I gained about 4 lbs of what I assume was water when I stopped taking them, and had to lose that all over again.

I'm still on the (relatively) high-carb diet. I've increased my calories to about 1600/day, but I'm also exercising a lot. I walk 4.2 miles every night at a brisk (just under 4mph) pace. That takes me about 66 minutes, and my heart rate usually averages about 112-115. On alternate days, I also use our step climber for 45 minutes, which is a much more intense HR usually averages about 135 during those workouts. With the weather getting nice, I'm also out working on the yard, out in my kayak, etc.

I plan to continue on as I'm doing now. I'm not paying much attention to carbs/fat/protein, and I know I'm not anywhere near a keto-based diet...but I'm counting every calorie. I'm not eating anything that's causing wild spikes in blood sugar, my BP is down, I'm still losing weight and I feel pretty good overall.

Thanks everyone for the ideas on getting rid of the hives. Hopefully, they're gone now...but if they return, I will have to look somewhere else for the answer other than blaming it on the no-carb diet.
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Old Sat, May-04-19, 16:55
DaisyDawn's Avatar
DaisyDawn DaisyDawn is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 363
Plan: Higher P/Moderate F + C
Stats: 152/146.6/130 Female 66
Progress: 25%

Just throwing this out there, with it happening at night could it be bed bugs or some other critter? My daughter started waking up with hives/rash, come to find out it was spider bites that was causing a reaction! After we figured it out we sprayed and got rid of them, the hives went away.
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Old Sat, May-04-19, 22:17
jschwab jschwab is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 6,378
Plan: Atkins72/Paleo/NoGrain/IF
Stats: 285/220/200 Female 5 feet 5.5 inches
Progress: 76%

Do you happen to have a latex mattress? Around the beltline and in shoes there is often latex.

Sorry they didn't resolve!
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Old Sun, May-05-19, 02:35
shalissar shalissar is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: lchf
Stats: 375/250/200 Female 184

This happened to me as well but differently, when I got to 220 I started to break out into hives whenever I exercised. All over my neck and chest. Taking quetiapine before going out seemed to mitigate it so I'm thinking it was a cholinergic thing. No idea why that happened but couldn't afford to test for anything.
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Old Sun, May-05-19, 03:16
RonnieScot RonnieScot is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 352
Plan: LCHF, no breakfast.
Stats: 256/178/140 Female 5ft 3"
Progress: 67%
Location: Scotland, UK

Good to hear your hives have improved/gone and youíre health is improving.
Iíve been through allergies with my baby, now toddler who is allergic to loads and loads of foods.
Itís tricky eliminating everything to work out whatís causing the problem. For example, He was also allergic to ingredients in toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, etc. Hives have a tendency to show up more when weíre hot. Doesnít necessarily mean itís something to do with your bed or end of the day, but on warmer nights you may wake with more (and then associate with some food or practice from previous evening or day?)

Cutting out all traces of refined vegetable oils has helped my inflammatory arthritis. Olive, coconut, still ok.
For a while I ate really simply, like just rice, chicken, olive oil and lettuce, no chemicals; deodorant, soap, etc, till I got to a place where baby wasnít reacting before gradually reintroducing everything one by one to find out what caused the problems. For a while I couldnít understand it but then discovered how many frequently used chemicals, preservatives, etc, are made from his allergens like corn, soya, gluten, etc, it made more sense.
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