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Old Mon, Oct-23-17, 20:30
FatBGone17 FatBGone17 is offline
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Thud hit the nail on the head. Weight plates vary in quality (and therefore accuracy). Some very cheap ones are sand cast from what is basically scrap metal. These aren't going to be very accurate, but they still provide an approximation and provide resistance. You can sometimes even find voids where the mold didn't fill properly.

Most of the brand name plates for home use are pretty accurate, not trade scale accurate, but within a percent or so.

Plates made for competition, sometimes called olympic plates, are made to exacting standards but are quite a bit more expensive.

Some gyms that specialize in lifting will have olympic plates but most find the mid-level plates close enough for training.

Be aware that many manufacturers like Weider, Golds and York make several lines of plates to meet different price points.

I'm in the camp that says not to obsess too much about the scale, it is only one indicator of progress. For instance, if over a few months you lose six pounds of excess fat and gain six pounds of muscle and other lean tissue, your scale says you didn't change when in reality there was a 12-pound shift in your body composition. I have the same problem with the BMI scale as a 6-foot, 200 lb athlete gets the same score as a 6-foot, 200 lb couch potato even though their level of fitness and body composition may be vastly different.
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Old Tue, Dec-26-23, 15:42
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Default Alan Thrall's video

I thought I would add in my 2 cents since I am doing barbell training (squats, deadlifts, bench press, and overhead press). I believe Alan Thrall has a really good video on the accuracy of solid steel plates.

I'm aware that for rubber bumper plates, the manufacturer can make it so that the weight is right on the money. However for steel, I believe the accuracy on the 45-lb plates can vary between +/- 5lb. It's quite a variance if you're squatting with multiple 45's.

My program is 2-3x per week, where I go up 2kg (4.4lb) on my heaviest weight (work set). I warm up, and then squat for 3 sets of 5 reps on my work set. For the deadlift, I warm up to the work set and then deadlift for 1 set of 5 for the heaviest set.

If anyone needs any help getting started with barbell training, let me know. If you have access to a gym with a power rack, I would recommend getting weightlifting shoes that have a 20mm heel height (only use the shoes for barbell training), get a notebook, and possibly get a set of 0.5lb (qty: 8) fractional plates so you can go up 1-4lb (instead of 5lb) on your overhead press.
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