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Old Mon, May-10-04, 17:18
MsTwacky's Avatar
MsTwacky MsTwacky is offline
Posts: 7,576
Plan: 12 steps
Stats: 238/210/145 Female 5'6
Progress: 30%
Location: Portland, OR

Originally Posted by Cat Lady
I tried low-carbing about two years ago, but instead of following the Atkin's plan, I did it "my way"! No wonder I failed!

I've been trying to low carb for over a year now with only about 18 or so lbs gone. I think this is because I keep doing it my way. I've cheated along the way and I have a serious problem with sticking to it when I'm at home on the weekends. No wonder I failed. Today I am starting induction again. Although I have never walked away from doing Low Carb...I know this is the eating that I want for the rest of my life. I love this forum it's really helped me to get back on track.
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Old Wed, May-19-04, 16:44
tomsej's Avatar
tomsej tomsej is offline
Rikki Tikki Tavi
Posts: 906
Plan: Keto Clarity & Atkins
Stats: 262.5/257.6/180 Male 5'-11"
Progress: 6%
Location: Southwestern ON, Canada
Default 1997 First Time ...

Lost 40lbs in 1997/98. New baby in house in March '98 lots of stress - back to old way.

Never lost more than 17 lbs LCing since then.

On 16 this time, I think I've finally got it as a WOL.

Probably about the 6th or 7th time for me...

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Old Sat, Oct-23-04, 18:11
Gooserider's Avatar
Gooserider Gooserider is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 108
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 226/187/160 Male 5'9"
BF:More/ than I /like
Progress: 59%
Location: N. Billerica, MA, USA

First time for me, and I'm still learning how, but it looks good as I approach the end of week 3. I'm feeling good and not at all tempted to cheat other than missing my daily spoonful of local honey. (I may try adding it back)

However I actually had a couple of semi-cheats yesterday, which may say something...

1. I work as a substitute teacher, and missed making my usual salad w/meat lunch, so I tried hitting the school cafeteria for something low-carb. The closest thing they had was some ready made salad w/ a creamy italian dressing on it. I found that it tasted so sweet it was sickening and literally could only eat a couple bites before deciding to toss it.

2. I tried one of my GF's BJ's house brand 'flavoured waters' made w/ Splenda, and supposedly '0 carb' (and zero everything else). Again it was so cloyingly sweet tasting I had trouble finishing it.

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Old Tue, Oct-26-04, 07:45
CherylAust's Avatar
CherylAust CherylAust is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 340
Plan: aitkins
Stats: 198/198/143 Female 155cm
Progress: 0%
Location: Sydney, Australia

I'm nowhere near my goal but do feel more successful on this my 3rd time. My attitude is better this time and I'm not dwelling on things I can't have. The first time I thought about that sort of stuff all the time. The 2nd time was a little better but not much. I'm not looking through the recipes in hope of finding substitutes for things or even lamenting because we don't have the ingredients over here. I'm really enjoying what I'm eating this time, there's no dwelling on what I'm going to eat for the next meal. When I was doing lf, as soon as I finished eating a meal, I'd constantly think about what was for the next meal, which made me feel constantly hungry, same with the first time I lc'd.
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Old Sat, Nov-13-04, 19:03
Moogie1019's Avatar
Moogie1019 Moogie1019 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,195
Plan: South Beach 4-14-2009
Stats: 388/388/150 Female 5'5
BF:too much!!
Progress: 0%
Location: Laramie, Wy

This is my 2nd time around. I had lost my husband in November of 2002, I started LC on January 27th 2003 and Lost 97 Lbs. I thought it was going to be an unshakable way of life. But as it got closer to the holiday season, I started slipping up. I "threw the baby out with the bathwater".
Now I'm restarting and I'm determined to make this my way of life.
I just feel better when LC'ing.
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Old Sun, Nov-21-04, 15:01
rachelratz's Avatar
rachelratz rachelratz is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 420
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 148/108/108 Female 5'3"
Progress: 100%

I feel very lucky because my Atkins diet was the first and successul one. It also was my first try of any kind of diet. There are many reason why some make it on the first try, and other not. I just know is you stick to your diet, you will make it.
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Old Sun, Nov-21-04, 20:37
North_Guy's Avatar
North_Guy North_Guy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,334
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 456/344/220 Male 6ft
BF:Yea, I have lots!
Progress: 47%
Location: Northern, Ontario, Canada

This is my first "diet" ever. I did attempt to lose weight once before but going without really eating can not be classified as a diet! I eat half a box of kraftdinner for breakfast and the other half for supper, water and nothing else. I did lose 50 lbs that way in 2 months but as soon as I start eating normal again I just gained it all back and then some. simply not eating is not the answer, I was quite foolish.

With the Atkins plan gaining the weight back is not a concern for me because its not really a diet, but my new lifestyle, I will be doing it it for life. 8 months into it now and feeling great!! so far I shed a 110 lbs.

Peace out.
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Old Tue, Nov-30-04, 00:26
Cissie Cissie is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 394
Plan: 20 per day
Stats: 235/205/160 Female 68
Progress: 40%

Darci I did the exact same as you. I lost 20 lbs. rather quickly then just woke up one day and went back to my old eating habits. I have no idea why! I felt better on low carbs. Duh!!!But this summer I made a fresh start and for some odd reason I've not really had much problem staying with it. I decided to give it another shot and see how much I could get off while my husband who was out to sea. I thought this would make the time pass more quickly knowing I was racing the clock. I did great! And I feel so much better physically too. Well hubby came home the end of Oct. and I started cheating so I too decided I needed to stay in a safe zone. This is what I call this forum, my safe zone. Thank you everyone for your support and words of encouragement. Back on track and already feeling better. Only 8 more lbs. and I'll be back where I was before I (almost) blew it again!

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Old Tue, Nov-30-04, 08:03
rissa's Avatar
rissa rissa is offline
Chaos in the flesh!
Posts: 1,725
Plan: custom
Stats: 386/218.2/167 Female 69
Progress: 77%
Location: Colorado

I honestly couldn't count how many times I did the off/on thing. I would be fine for 2 weeks then go on a 2 week binge. This repeated for about a year. It was insane. I finally decided to get fully back on the wagon and I stuck with it for 3 months and didn't lose a pound - I had yoyo'd so much that my body didn't care, it wasn't letting go of anything. I went to something even more strict than induction - the stillman plan (modified mildly) I've been doing that for 72 days and I've lost 24.5 lbs and 19 inches. I'm pretty happy with that - so far! There's much, much more I want to do The key is to just stick with it - no matter which plan you choose. It took me a long time to realize that those binges weren't cheats on my diet, It was me cheating myself - not just physically, but emotionally as well. I would take a header right into depression and just beat myself up every time I did that - and that made me eat more. Now that I'm not trying to fill a void with food, I"m realizing that there's really no void. It only stays as long as you "feed" it.
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Old Tue, Nov-30-04, 13:34
musicmama's Avatar
musicmama musicmama is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 961
Plan: South Beach
Stats: 325.4/228/175 Female 5'7
Progress: 65%
Location: Indianapolis Area

Ill let ya know when I succeed...
Seriously, I did this WOE in the 80's and was very successful, I lost 65 pounds in 4 months. I kept it off for a couple of years too. Then two years ago, when I started on this board, I did really well till I hit a long stall,,(see journal), so I gave up and just played around for another year or so. This time, I started in earnest the day after Thanksgiving, and I am gonna stay with it. Its not worth the carb hangovers and the general sick feeling from cheating. I figure, its a new year coming, and I only need to lose 1.8 pounds per week to reach 199, my first goal. So, here we go again,,,for the umpteenth time!
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Old Tue, Nov-30-04, 13:46
VMTompkins's Avatar
VMTompkins VMTompkins is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 30
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 199/191/150 Female 5 feet 7 inches
Progress: 16%

I first did Atkins in 1976 and it worked so well I always return to lowcarb when I want and need to lose weight. I kept off the original 80 pound loss for 8 years, then sometime in my marriage began to gain and eventually hit an all time high of 230. Went back on Atkins in 1996, hit goal by 11/98 at 150 and stayed there until emotional eating got the better of me with several losses in my family (mother and sister) and a relationship ending. Now I am fortunately not at my all time high again, and working on getting back to goal before my Sept. 05 wedding! I know it will work if I exercise, stick to the plan, and have patience.
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Old Thu, Jan-20-05, 06:05
actionjack's Avatar
actionjack actionjack is offline
Blood,Sweat and Pain
Posts: 546
Plan: My Own Home Grown
Stats: 231/153/160 Male 172cm
Progress: 110%
Location: London, UK

I was lucky I managed to reach goal first time, I was always sceptical of low carb dieting and would never have tried it if I hadn't developed diabetes.
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Old Mon, Feb-07-05, 20:26
kAd's Avatar
kAd kAd is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 34
Plan: NeanderThin
Stats: 199/???/149 Female 5'6"
Progress: 9%

Third time is a charm for me. The first was BFL, then Atkin's, and now NT. I've finally gotten my priorities straightened out and found a plan that I agree with and actually enjoy.
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Old Wed, Feb-09-05, 18:58
DarthRaidr's Avatar
DarthRaidr DarthRaidr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 660
Plan: induction
Stats: 203/202/150 Female 5'6"
Progress: 2%

I start the Atkins diet (induction) every day since last summer..And end everyday at 12pm!

I started again this week, followed it to the letter/list, no results.. last time I lost 8bls in a week today failed miserably..cookies, burgerking, fries..

I'll start over again tomarrow.
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Old Mon, Aug-29-05, 09:57
Sue L's Avatar
Sue L Sue L is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 395
Plan: general low carb
Stats: 232/194.0/130 Female 66 inches
BF: yes, it is!
Progress: 37%
Location: Ohio

This is my first time doing low carb. While I have a long way to go, I don't feel pressured to give up (as I did while on low fat). I can see doing this 20 years from now.
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