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Old Wed, Jul-26-17, 09:58
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Thanks for sharing the video link and bumping this page back up! Lots of useful info for sure!
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Old Wed, Jul-26-17, 15:31
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YouTube link

When Dr. Westman says "the body is adjusting" during a weight loss stall. But readily admits he doesnt know what is actually going on. I wonder if that type of information will ever be known.

Most things regarding humans are non-linear. Said another way, human change is dynamic. The change in the Input is *NOT* proportional to the change in the Output ! Not surprising this happens in weight loss as well.

I wonder if fat loss is more linear than weight loss ? It would have to be, but I wonder to what degree.
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Old Sun, Apr-08-18, 06:46
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A new post on an old topic from Virta Health:

How to break a weight loss plateau on a low carb diet

By Brittanie Volk, PhD, RD and Marlia Braun, PhD, RD, April 6, 2018
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Old Mon, May-07-18, 04:44
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These are great tips and reminders! When I was new to low carb, I did everything meticulously by the book. But over the years I have become complacent by over-customizing and adjusting to the point that the diet no longer works as well.

The stall breaker that has always worked for me is a few days of meat and eggs.
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Old Fri, Jun-22-18, 19:47
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Originally Posted by inflammabl
Ya, weird huh? Here's the quick story behind that. First I noticed that when I eliminated dairy I gained weight... Some time later, I was spending a lot of time out of the office and I noticed my weight was fluctuating up and down much greater than it normally does. I started to look into what I ate when I was in the office and/or ate more of when I went off of dairy. The most obvious thing was my morning breakfast in the cafeteria. I was getting eggs and bacon or sausage. The bacon or sausage was the most obvious culprit but then I notice that the cook was pouring the eggs out of a carton. I asked "What's in there?" He said, "Eggs." I asked "Eggs and what else?" He looked at the label and said, "Eggs and..... citric acid. That's it." Well I felt relieved because there were no hidden carbs in my eggs. A couple of weeks later I circled back on that idea and looked up citric acid and ketosis in the Google and found a link to Lyle McDonald where he states that SOME people find that citric acid inhibits ketosis. Wait, What? Srsly? So I asked my cook if he could make me fresh eggs instead of eggs out of the carton. He said sure and for the next 12-14 weeks or so my appetite declined, my sticks turned more purple and I lost 0.8 lbs per week. Eventually it leveled out again but it was an interesting sequence. At least to me it was.

Perhaps it's not such a quick story.

Interesting effect of the citric acid.

My wt loss has stalled a bit.... and I have increased lemon crystal lite from none to 4 servings. Might try 0 again and see which way the scale moves.

thanks for sharing.
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Old Fri, Jun-22-18, 20:23
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Oh great, now I have to worry about checking for citric acid on labels now too?! It's already bad enough.
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Old Sat, Jun-23-18, 00:42
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Posts: 19,301
Plan: atkins, carnivore 2023
Stats: 225/224/163 Female 5'8"
Progress: 2%
Location: Massachusetts

lol, only if you stall........
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