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Old Mon, Sep-01-03, 17:37
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I got this version from Homesar. I use it on my modified fat fast. Any coments?

Here's how I do it:

Gather together:

............3 small boxes sugar free jello of your favorite flavor
............1 8-ounce package of Neufchatel cheese (see notes below)
............1 cup heavy whipping cream


I've opted for the smaller packages of jello, making three of them at a time, since this produces enough servings for one day of fat fasting (five feedings).

I use Neufchatel cheese, Philadelphia brand, because it dissolves well in the hot jello mixture. The fat-full cream cheese does not entirely dissolve, and produces a less satisfactory product, as far as I'm concerned. Also, watch the store brands of these cheeses. I find that Philadelphia brand cream cheese and neufchatel cheese (what they call their fat-reduced cream cheese) have lower carbs than the store house brands.


Place 3 cups of water in a pan that will hold six to eight cups. I use a 8-cup Pyrex mixing bowl w/handle and spout, putting the 3 cups of water in it and microwaving on "high" for about five minutes.

While the 3 cups of water is heating, place ice cubes in a four-cup measure cup, adding water until the water/ice mixture comes to 3 cups.

Dump in the powdered jello into the heated water and stir with a wire whisk until well dissolved, approximately two minutes.

Unwrap the Neufchatel cheese and gently place it in the hot jello mixture. Press the wire whisk into the cheese to break it into smaller pieces, and when they're small enough, gently whisk the mixture. The Nuefchatel cheese will eventually dissolve after two or three minutes of gentle stirring with the wire whisk.

Gently pour the ice/water mixture into the jello/creamcheese mixture, and whisk gently until all ice is dissolved. Place the container of jello/cheese liquid in a freezer. Check it about every ten minutes, whisking at each check, to ensure even cooling.

While the jello/cheese mixture is chilling, whip one cup of whipped cream until stiff. You may sweeten to taste it if desired. I use standard saccharine sweetner. When whipped stiff, set in refrigerator until needed.

When the jello/cheese mixture has begun to gel (it's the consistency of very thick pancake batter), gently fold the whipped cream into the partially gelled jello/cheese mixture.


If one is going to remain in one place most of the time, you can simply put the stuff into a bowl in the fridge and let the gelling continue. I travel around during the day, so I portion the mixture into 7 ounce plastic cups (cost about $1.75/100 count in the grocery store). Depending on how high you've whipped the cream, this recipe will fill 10-12 7-ounce cups. I slap some aluminum foil on the top, then put them in the fridge till needed. They're pretty portable in workout bags or big purses.


From Jello: 60 calories, all from protein
From cream cheese: 560 calories, 480 calories from fat
From whipped cream: 800 calories, all from fat
Total calories of batch: 1420 calories, 90 percent from fat

If you please, you can eat only jello thingies, in the right proportion, to get the 200 calories you need for each feeding. This would come from dividing the batch into seven equal servings.

However you divide the jello/cheese batch, figure out the resulting calorie count, and then add enough oil or other pure fat (at 40 calories per teaspoon) to get your 200 calories.

I divide my jello batch into ten servings, each approximately 140 calories. So, to get the remaining 60 calories, I add 1.5 teaspoons of my lime-flavored safflower oil.

Hope this helps.

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Old Tue, Sep-02-03, 17:28
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I just made the jello cheesecake today with 2 packets of Knox gelatin and strawberry Kool-Aid. It is very pink! I used 2/3 cup vanilla DaVinci instead of the water and ricotta instead of cottage cheese. It is yummy...and just the right sweetness. Thanks for the treat.
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Old Tue, Dec-23-03, 22:24
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allibaba allibaba is offline
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Location: Upstate New York

I just tried this to bring to a friend's the other night. Everyone loved it. I made it again today to bring when we go out tomorrow
Thanks Ruth!!
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Old Wed, Dec-24-03, 20:15
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Can't wait to try this. To the front page with you
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Old Thu, May-06-04, 23:17
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Ruth Ruth is offline
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Default Revision to the original recipe

I'm on a quest to have more soy in my diet & thought of using tofu instead of cottage cheese. (I'm lactose intolerant & the cottage cheese causes zits )
Based on scraping the bowl, this version is creamier & not as tart as the original.

For convenience so that you don't have to go back to the 1st post in the thread:

The recipe:

2 packages of Sugar Free jello - flavour of your choice
2/3 cup boiling water
8oz cream cheese
1 cup tofu
1 cup heavy cream (whipping cream)

Drain water from tofu in advance: Using paper towels above and below tofu block, press firmly *OR* wrap in paper towels & allow to sit until paper towels are soaked. Change paper towels twice.

Dissolve jello in hot water. Break cream cheese into 4 chunks & allow to soften in jello mix. Meanwhile, whip the cream until firm. Using a blender (wand/stick/traditional), but not a "mixer", blend jello, cream cheese & tofu together until very smooth - this could be a few minutes. Fold in whipping cream until all lumps are gone & pour into pie plate or muffin cups or individual serving dishes. Chill until firm.

About the tofu I used: In Vancouver: Sunrise brand - medium firm tofu had the lowest carb count in the grocery store of the moment. 454 grams or 1lb package. Read the label & buy the lowest carb tofu you can find and adjust the counts accordingly. Half of the package was about 1 cup - that's close enough for me

Total recipe counts from

Total: 1887 cals
Fat: 179 grams
Carbs: 22 grams
Fiber: 0
Protein: 53 grams

1/8 recipe = cals 236 fat 22g carbs 2.75g protein 6.6g
1/6 recipe = cals 314.5 fat 30g carbs 3.67g protein 8.8g

1 cup of the tofu I used had 117 calories, fat 10 g, carbs 5 g, fiber 1 g, protein 17 g.
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Old Thu, May-20-04, 14:51
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I have a few questions (for you or anyone who may be able to help)...did you boil the DaVinci's in order to soften the gelatin? Also, if you wanted to just use water, how much Splenda do you think would need to be added in order to make the koolaid/Knox mixture sweet enough?

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Old Thu, May-20-04, 18:30
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Divinci rocks..Never get enough of that stuff. So many flavors and soo many ways to use them.

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Old Mon, Jun-14-04, 16:35
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jemman jemman is offline
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hows the consistancy on the mixture? could i make it in muffin cups?

*nevermind* found the answer on the previous page- thanks

cant wait to try this one
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Old Thu, Jun-24-04, 15:53
Meg_S Meg_S is offline
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Just adding my experience to the list...
I mixed 1 container of cottage cheese (4%) with enough low carb milk (whole) to make just over 2 cups of a thick liquid in the blender... added 2 packs of jello that had been dissolved into some hot water, a bunch of lemon juice and 7 drops of stevia, final result was 5 1/4 cups of liquid. I poured them into all of my empty low carb yogurt containers and popped them into the fridge for a bunch of

UNREAL!! This is so so so yummy. I'm dancing around the house right now It's low calorie too... for a treay I'll up the cals and top it with whipped cream.
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Old Sun, Dec-12-04, 15:10
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ausgirl ausgirl is offline
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Location: Australia

I made this on the weekend for guests. I loved it. Not sure if they did, they didn't finish thier servings..LOL... too bad I say. Am going to make this for desert for christmas day. I made it with the almond, hazelnut and unsalted butter crust.

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Old Thu, Dec-16-04, 00:01
jmsshaffer jmsshaffer is offline
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Can you please tell me what could be substituted for the cottage cheese? It has too much sodium in it for my diet. It is not pleasant trying to do both LC and LS. It severely limits your choices. Anyone out there have this same problem?
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Old Thu, Dec-16-04, 14:40
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Ruth Ruth is offline
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Ricotta cheese is a good alternative - but I don't know about sodium content. I guess it's label reading time. Another option: try using only half the cottage cheese or ricotta.

Good luck & enjoy!

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Old Thu, Jan-20-05, 16:49
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Originally Posted by Ruth
Another option for you is to use unsweetened koolaid powder for your flavouring, that way you'd have a lot more flavour choices.

Good luck & please report back on how it works out.

I did this recipe but since I couldn't wait to try it and didn't want to go to the store to get the right things, I did a few things differently:

Along with my 1 box of sugar free Jello (lemon flavor), I used 1 packet unsweetened Cherry Kool-Aid and 4 saccharin tablets (equal to 3-4 packets Sweet N Low)

I didn't have any cottage cheese so I substituted for the same amount of sour cream, and added 1/2 a brick of cream cheese.

I didn't have a whole cup of whipping cream whipped up.
The whole thing's in the fridge now.

Couple of questions:

1) How long does this take to set? Same as Jello ?(4 hours)

2) When I added the whipped cream to the jello mixture it was hard to tell a difference. Is the mixture supposed to get "fluffy" once you've added the whipped cream? Just checking to make sure.

3) Also, is this supposed to be tart and very strong before chilling? Mine was very very tangy and tart. I dissolved the 4th saccharin tab to a tsp of water and added it to the mixture but it only made it sort of bitter.

4) Someone here said they liked it better served slightly thawed from frozen state. Is it more 'wet' and sloppy like custard if refrigerated instead of frozen?

Thanks for your help....looking forward to slicing this up and tasting it!
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Old Sun, Aug-06-06, 19:19
misschris misschris is offline
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Location: NC

I had not made this in quite a while, so made it tonight but did it a little different. I only used 1 package of the Jello for a milder flavor (used Rasberry), and I used 1C ricotta instead of cottage cheese. Put them in the mini muffin tins. I made about 35 of them, they came out to .72 carbs each. They are SOOOO yummy, I could probably eat a dozen of them if I'm not careful!!

The SF Jello states it is <1g carb, so I counted it as 3 for the entire package. Just not completely sure.
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Old Mon, Aug-07-06, 07:43
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The question regarding sodium is really old, but others may have it. I have found no salt added cottage cheese in my Safeway store. It is much, much lower sodium then regular, and I found it works well in baking when you want to have more control over the salt content of the recipe.
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