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View Poll Results: my most dangerous carb food is:
sugar 337 44.81%
grains (including bread, pasta, etc.) 306 40.69%
potatoes 70 9.31%
fruit 39 5.19%
Voters: 752. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 07:14
BarbCA's Avatar
BarbCA BarbCA is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 442
Plan: MOP
Stats: 169/159/135
BF:45%/42%/ 35%
Progress: 29%
Location: Central CA

I probably said this before but it's gotta be cookies or ice cream. My daughter made some Cookies 'n' Cream a while back and I wound up eating 2 huge bowls of it!
The combination was just too much.
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Old Tue, Apr-15-03, 13:41
Sentoria's Avatar
Sentoria Sentoria is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 183
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 210/181/160 Female 5'7"
Progress: 58%
Location: New York

Grain & Potatoes

One of my friends owns a bakery half a block away from my house and every evening when I come from school/gym I buy fresh, hot bread for my husband. It smells so good And the cheesecake!!!!!!!

There are also the mashed potatoes I make with real butter & milk.

Fruits I don't crave, never did
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Old Wed, Apr-16-03, 15:32
TarHeel's Avatar
TarHeel TarHeel is offline
Give chance a chance
Posts: 16,944
Plan: General LC maintenance
Stats: 152.6/115.6/115 Female 60 inches
Progress: 98%
Location: North Carolina

I can't figure out which category to check. There are only two foods that I fantasize about eating, one is fried chicken from a particular regional fast food joint, and the other is freshly squeezed orange juice. I think I could pour someone a glass of the orange juice without getting anxious, but there is no way I could have the fried chicken in my house. Or in my car on the way home from buying it. I used to buy their fried chicken and eat the skin and crust and feed the meat to my cat......

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Old Wed, Apr-16-03, 15:51
Auntie J's Avatar
Auntie J Auntie J is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 144
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/195/150
Progress: 47%
Location: Northern Minnesota
Unhappy Hangover

I just figured out what my awful headache is from~~~I had Roman Meal light bread toast this morning! The last time this happened I ate about 1/4 cup of Stove Top stuffing In the way distant past I loved making real homemade bread, I guess I must be "allergic" to bread products, DARN!!!!! The really crappy thing is, I bought 5 loaves yesterday because I rarely see it at the little local store! Guess what kind of bread company will be getting Oh well, another spendy discovery------
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Old Sat, Apr-19-03, 07:21
poetree's Avatar
poetree poetree is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 281
Plan: atkins (testing hf/mp)
Stats: 157/143.2/137 Female 5' 6"
BF:why i oughta...
Progress: 69%
Location: Central Coast/California
Default kill for a bagel

I used to love my bagel/creme cheese breakfast. And my oatmeal ones. And my whole grain cereal ones.

Not sure if they would make me crash now, but definitely grains is my weakness.
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Old Sat, Apr-19-03, 08:39
cc48510 cc48510 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,018
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 320/220/195 Male 6'0"
Progress: 80%
Location: Pensacola, FL
Default Re: kill for a bagel

Originally posted by poetree
I used to love my bagel/creme cheese breakfast. And my oatmeal ones. And my whole grain cereal ones.

Not sure if they would make me crash now, but definitely grains is my weakness. that brings back memories of Middle/High School. My mom worked at an elementary school a couple miles from the middle school I attended. We'd get bagels, doughnuts, or biscuits for breakfast every morning. Only thing that kept them from sending my weight off the charts was that once I got to her school, I'd get my bike (which I left there) and ride it a couple miles to school, then when I'd get there I'd play sports until school began, then I'd play sports again after lunch, and at the end of the day. But, even all that exercise couldn't prevent the pounds from creeping on. It only kept them from exploding on as they did after 1999.

In High School, I went to summer school to earn extra credits...and during the summer, they didn't have regular lunches. They would set up a bagel stand and sell bagels. If you wanted something to drink, they had several Pepsi/Coke Machines. I loved the bagels and would sometimes buy more than 1.
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Old Sat, Apr-19-03, 23:35
luddybell's Avatar
luddybell luddybell is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,041
Plan: 35-65 net carbs
Stats: 362/281.8/150 Female 62 inches
Progress: 38%
Location: Chesnee, SC

my weaknesses:

Rice ( i can eat a whole instant bag in one sitting , with butter YUM)

french fries - Hot and steamy

chocolate ( yea ive figured out that puredelites, if more than one are eaten they hurt my tummy )

doughnuts - lol funny thing is my dad walked a mile in the snow on my birthday 2 years ago to get me doughnuts cuz thats what i wanted


pasta of any kind

Mexican food , chips and cheese dip YUM

chinesse food..... ugh ate this the other day and gained 4 lbs! UGH!

fried chicken from kfc or zaxbys

smoothies... with milk and tons of fruit

oatmeal and grits these two were like a huge staple in my house!

hmmm chicken noodle soup also and it seems like every time i get sick my doctor tells me to eat this stuff and i ALWAYS end up binging when i get better!!!!! UGH !!

Last edited by luddybell : Sun, Apr-20-03 at 22:16.
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Old Sun, Apr-20-03, 08:04
wcollier wcollier is offline
Mad Scientist
Posts: 4,402
Plan: Healthy eating/lifestyle
Stats: 156/115/115 Female 5'4 - small frame
Progress: 100%

Definately sugar.... then fruit. When I was put on a Candida diet (before LC), I replaced my sugar addiction with fruit.

Last edited by wcollier : Sun, Apr-20-03 at 08:06.
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Old Sun, Apr-20-03, 21:58
zandria72's Avatar
zandria72 zandria72 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,061
Plan: moderate - BFing
Stats: 247.5/195/150 Female 66 inches
Progress: 54%
Location: Muncie, IN

Hmm. Sugar is the biggie for me, but it depends on what it is in. My biggest weakness is doughnuts (or any pastries, like others have said). Anything super refined--cake, white bread products--are a big no-no. Whole grain bread isn't a problem. Also, I can eat dark chocolate without it spilling over into the rest of my diet. I love potatoes and tend to feel guilty eating them (esp fries) but I don't know if I would call that a "danger" food. I don't have any problems with milk or dairy products as long as they don't have sugar. Yogurt sweetened with sugar is not a good thing.
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Old Fri, May-02-03, 15:13
erbadger's Avatar
erbadger erbadger is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 425
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 144/140/125 Female 68 inches
Progress: 21%
Location: Wisconsin

I have a few very specific items:

1. Red cherry twizzler bites. I used to be able to eat an entire 1 lb bag in less than 20 mins. By the way this is the only food i can eat like that. Luckily husband doesnt like them!

2. snickers bars! I love the caramel chocolate and peanut taste, hense the reason I got addicted to choc. peanut butter atkins bars!

3. Dougnuhts-I never ate doughnuts before this WOE 9more than 1 everyother month) But now I crave them daily! My parking spot for work is right next to the best doughnut shop in town, and they pump out that glorious smell after work! Lucky for me it is after work and not in the morning! I have never cheated though!!!!

I have had none of these items for over 4 months!!! I am sure they are all better in my imagination than they ever were in real life! I also like all these items are bad for you in everyones opinion, so it isn't as hard to say no!
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Old Thu, May-22-03, 09:52
weighting's Avatar
weighting weighting is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 28
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 277/268/180
Progress: 9%
Location: W-S, NC

Apparently I am completely PMS (as in Post menstrual) becuase all these foods listed hold no interest for me. I am shocked! Usually I am weak when someone in the office pops popcorn in the microwave (there oughta be a law) or when someone brings in baked anything for a birthday (there really oughta be a law).

But I am so eager to cling to this new-found zeal that at this minute nothing can tempt me...

Woooohoooooooo! Ok this is usually when I crash and burn... I feel invincible, something yummy shows up, I convince myself I can handle just a little nibble (which I can't) ... and tomorrow I'm crying on the scale.

Didn't some psychologist say that recognition of a destructive behavior is half the battle of defeating it...

I see you! Bad behavior... I got your number!

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Old Fri, May-23-03, 18:37
surrender's Avatar
surrender surrender is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 253
Plan: atkins
Stats: 180/180/140 Female 5.5
BF:Si, mucho!
Progress: 0%
Location: Apple Valley, CA

I picked Sugar, but what I really need is a salted nuts category... I could eat a whole can of nuts in one sitting.... I moved into (ongoing weight loss ) and went a bought a can of nuts intending to have "a few" every now and again and within 3 days the whole can is gone. I do not mean a small can I mean a big can. I did not know I was that triggered by nuts until now. So I gues my answer is "NUTS"
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Old Fri, Jun-06-03, 17:52
Angeline's Avatar
Angeline Angeline is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,423
Plan: Atkins (loosely)
Stats: -/-/- Female 60
Progress: 40%
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Since starting this diet I crave them all !! Oh the irressitible lure of the forbidden. Apricot Danishes, fresh bread with butter, Bagels with cream cheese, Krispy Kreme Donuts !!

I find out that it's not good for me to deprive myself too much. I eventually break-down. Lately what I have found that helps a lot is the low-carb bread I make myself. Makes it much easier to resist the lure of the morning danish.

I have found a decent solution for my chocolate addiction. I now buy 85% cocoa butter chocolate. They are very intense tasting so a little goes a long way. 2 squares usually satisfies me.
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Old Sat, Jun-07-03, 20:16
SpecialK SpecialK is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 190
Plan: low carb for life
Stats: ???/???/??? Female 5' 11"
Progress: 100%
Location: Beautiful Montana

Well I voted for sugar but the truth is sugar is what I take my cravings out on. I can eat one bite of a soda cracker or have a little gravy on my meat and the next thing you know I'm devouring whatever sweet items I can get my hands on. My triggers are ALL refined carbo's but I will usually binge on sugar after I've been triggered. It is not a pretty sight. Abstinance.....I must learn total abstinance.
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Old Mon, Jun-09-03, 14:34
LadyBelle's Avatar
LadyBelle LadyBelle is offline
Resident Loud Mouth
Posts: 8,495
Plan: Retrying
Stats: 239.2/150.6/120 Female 5'2"
Progress: 74%
Location: Wyoming

My danger carb food seems to be dairy. I love cream in my coffee, cheeses, cream cheese, and so on. A dessert mix of heavy cream, cream cheese, marscapone cheese, and splenda syrup is just heaven. I know I probably consume to much dairy and may switch some of my cream to LC soy milk (sigh)
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