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Old Tue, Sep-07-04, 08:18
zedneser zedneser is offline
Posts: 1,732
Plan: My LC Plan
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 00 inches
Progress: 56%

Wow.. I wish I found this thread two and a half weeks ago. This is my third and final week on induction and after reading this thread I realized that my biggest mistake was eating the SF jello with whipped cream each night for dinner and sometimes lunch too. I figured it was carb free so enjoy. I didn't realize it maybe the trigger to my sweets cravings. I'm sure I made other mistakes (like hidden carbs, cheese) but the biggest one is definitely the SF jello & whipped cream.
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Old Fri, Sep-17-04, 09:25
Tex's Avatar
Tex Tex is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 121
Plan: low carb/healthy eating
Stats: 198/172/140 Female 5'2"
BF:A Lady never tells
Progress: 45%
Location: A Texan in England
Default If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.

Thank you for this thread!
It's wonderful that many people have chosen a positive "What I've done right" in response to the "My mistakes" confessional.

My newbie mistakes are many, my main enemy is my impatience -

the inches have to melt with a minimum of effort from me!
all my clothes should just slide over my hips!
the weight needs to come off now!

In college, I ran about 5 miles a day - just because it felt good. When I first started, I would drop after a few quarter mile laps, and curse myself for even trying. I listened to my head, ignored my body, and didn't go too far. Somehow, with effort, I ran a little further each time, setting little goals, and before long, my roommate and friends thought I was nuts for runnng in the rain, in the cold, in early morning mist, and late evening fog. I loved it. I did it. I proved it to myself.

My latest journal entry helped me articulate a revelation. I plan to reach this goal . . . that's as clear in my mind as a blue summer sky - but what are my plans to maintain that goal? Not having this attitude when I started this WOL was my boo-boo!

This really was a turning point for me I'd like to share with others, in the hope that it will take the onus out of focusing on a goal weight. The goal is to be happy, to be comfortable with your body, and to do all you can to live a healthy life.

The route you take to get there is the path you choose to maintain, so the journey is a means to the end, or rather the beginning. Good Luck to everyone, and in response to the "Low Carb Newbie Mistakes" title, just remember, "When you lose, don't lose the lesson."
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Old Sat, Feb-26-05, 02:29
GinaLeanne's Avatar
GinaLeanne GinaLeanne is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,544
Stats: 198/175/158 Female 5'10"
BF:I am 5'10" tall
Progress: 57%
Location: Southern Michigan

Before I found this site I lacked motivation on low carb, thx all!!!!

I just wanted to say that I would buy a bag of milky way minatures thinking I could just eat one.....????

NOw I totally stay away from buying anything that I may be tempted to eat more...

like the philly cream cheese turtle bars, I almost bought a box of those cause they are low in carbs....yet who could just eat one?

the same with any of my other candy favorites, I would be too scared to keep them around, I would eat the whole thing????? probably, I dont want to take that chance and ruin everything, I think this is why people drop off, they buy stuff that they use to indulge in and end up getting depressed cuz they could not eat a small amt of it.
The same with pizza...I dont think I could just eat the cheese, I tried that before, yea right, that lasted for one piece, lol

I am more confident now that I have my priorities set, and if anyone else here is like me, you may want to avoid buy those tempting items that you think you can have one little serving of.......

Keep up the great work everyone!!! i luv this
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Old Sat, Jul-02-05, 06:21
tardon's Avatar
tardon tardon is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 628
Plan: atkins
Stats: 189/169/139 Female 5ft3ins
Progress: 40%
Location: Victoria,Aust
Default Worth taking a look

Just browsing through the " best of posts " and thought this thread really deserved a bump to bring it to someones attention. I am sure we will all identify and relate to the things we've done right and wrong.
Hope you get something out of it as I have
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Old Sat, Jul-02-05, 23:28
lajavableu lajavableu is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 26
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/136/150 Female 5 ft 5
Progress: 116%

one of my biggest mistakes....kind of silly, but, several weeks into it, my scale wouldn't budge for a long time. Turns out it was because i was using it on carpet, and I had been 10 pounds below where I thought I was. haha.
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Old Sun, Jul-03-05, 15:13
Rosebud1's Avatar
Rosebud1 Rosebud1 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 76
Plan: Low carbs, healthy eating
Stats: 154/149/139 Female 5'8.5'
Progress: 33%
Location: Dallas, Texas

My biggest problem is making a legal dessert and not being happy until all of it is gone. I am learning to make servings for 1!!!
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Old Mon, Jul-04-05, 11:18
burgundy's Avatar
burgundy burgundy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 216
Plan: South Beach
Stats: 180/180/130 Female 5 feet 1 inch
Progress: 0%
Location: MA

Originally Posted by crg66
Me too, I thought I could relax over the holidays and easily get back to LC eating, but it took me weeks to recover! Also thinking that my Lo-Carb bars actually had only 2g carbs, but finding out that there were at least 20g of hidden carbs

These are the biggest so far, and it's only been a few months! Live and learn!!

Wow. Ok.

Yeah not that I was doing anything special before my vacation but I definitely went overboard and now have further to go.
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Old Wed, Jul-13-05, 09:23
WyoDiva's Avatar
WyoDiva WyoDiva is offline
Posts: 10,435
Plan: Dirty Carnivore
Stats: 304.2/275.4/180 Female 5'10"
Progress: 23%
Location: NW Wyoming USA

My biggest mistakes:

- too many Atkins products/bars/sweets
- eating too few carbs, thinking I would lose faster
- skipping the vegies almost entirely - don't really like 'em anyway
- staying on Induction for two months - probably didn't help
- hidden carbs in things I thought were 'legal'
- not exercising

Good things:

- I've always been a big water drinker - no problem!
- Going decaffeinated - as if I don't have enough addictions!
- I like to cook/bake - so LC has offered me a new and interesting challenge in that regard
- I don't cheat because I make sure I have plenty of LC stuff around (meat, eggs, cheese, vegies). Sometimes I indulge too much in LC stuff (like cheese or lc brownies), but I figure that beats eating a whole real pizza or whole pan of real brownies!
- Stay away from folks who are diligently trying to sabotage me (guess they are threatened by the impending thinner me!)
- I'm off my BP meds, have no more chest pain or arthritic pain, and need less sleep. These 3 things alone are worth doing this WOE.

I know I will slowly but surely achieve my goal - simply because this WOE is very doable and doesn't involve starving. I wish the weight loss would move faster, but I keep reminding myself I didn't slap those pounds on overnight either!

Good luck to everyone - glad to have found this thread!
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Old Tue, Nov-01-05, 17:35
kevgar's Avatar
kevgar kevgar is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 300/263/200 Male 68
BF: 45%/30%/15%
Progress: 37%
Location: Concord, CA
Default I've done them all

I have been through each and every one of these boo-boo's. This thread is great and I noticed it kinda died out so in an effort to revive it I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

LC foods were the most suprising mistake. I have been Atkins primarily until the last few months where I have migrated over to Protein Power. That is when I quit the LC food and started losing again. It has directed me back to real foods and I have to admit the slight cravings have vanished completely.

I found for myself if there is a food that I believe to be low carb but I have a difficult time controlling my portions I need to take a second look. A good example is nuts, pistachios, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, doesn't matter. The term "betcha can't just have one" comes to mind.

Unlike 007, LC doesn't give us a license to kill (or eat everything in sight labeled LC, which could lead to an untimely death). Exercise and eating right and sanely will prove results in time. It took 40 years to get my body all twisted and jacked up, I just hope it doesn't take as long to undo the damage.
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Old Tue, Nov-01-05, 18:57
Sunflower7's Avatar
Sunflower7 Sunflower7 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,060
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 247/198.5/169 Female 5 feet 7 inches
Progress: 62%
Location: Michigan

This thread is great and gives lots of information to us newbies.
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Old Wed, Jan-04-06, 18:12
montanasun's Avatar
montanasun montanasun is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 753
Plan: Low carb/PP
Stats: -/-/- Female 5'10"
Progress: 35%
Location: Montana

Wow! Thank you all for the information and Karen thank you for getting this started. I had no idea coffee had carbs, now I'm wondering if tea also has carbs? I'll have to do some research.

In the past I have made all the mistakes everyone else has - hey we're only human. I would get discourage if I didn't lose any weight in a week and switch to WW then back again. LC worked wonders for me a few years ago but I gave into stress and eating my problems away. Right?

Its only been a week eating LC and I feel so much better already. For me its baby steps each day and mini goals.
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Old Thu, Jan-05-06, 20:45
onab onab is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 27
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 130/125/115 Female 5 feet 5 Inches
Progress: 33%
Default Have been learning from every cheat

Kevgar.. I know what u mean!

my problem has been portion controls. I've lost the discipline to eat at proper times...and that's scary. I fell off the wagon doing just that yesterday when I was so frustrated with my appetite not going away, so at the end of the day I zoomed in for bread, banana and chocolate cookies.

Am starting off today again with atkins (for I have seen the positive changes in my body shape despite frequent cheats) but with a resolution to be disciplined about portion sizez and timings of snacks and meals so that I get back into life long good eating habits.
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Old Fri, Jan-06-06, 07:22
galatia's Avatar
galatia galatia is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 13,640
Plan: low carb
Stats: 173/135.8/130 Female 5'4"
Progress: 87%
Location: Mississippi

I saw a quote the other day that I thought was great. Can't find it again now, but it was something like this:

"One bite of bad carbs is too much, and 1000 bites is never enough."

Maybe someone else knows exactly how that goes.
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Old Fri, Jan-06-06, 08:18
Iowagirl's Avatar
Iowagirl Iowagirl is offline
empress of fashion
Posts: 16,339
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 178/161.5/145 Female 5'3"
Progress: 50%
Location: Iowa

I believe that is a variation of an old AA term -"one drink is too much and 1000 isn't enough."
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Old Sat, Jan-14-06, 01:32
bsheets's Avatar
bsheets bsheets is offline
Posts: 3,254
Plan: Low Carb
Stats: 216/180/154 Female 168cm
Progress: 58%
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Originally Posted by onab
my problem has been portion controls. I've lost the discipline to eat at proper times...and that's scary. I fell off the wagon doing just that yesterday when I was so frustrated with my appetite not going away, so at the end of the day I zoomed in for bread, banana and chocolate cookies.

Did you find your appetite was satisfied after all those carby foods? Or it went through your system in a second and you were back to where you started?

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