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Old Tue, Sep-07-10, 18:13
Debwill Debwill is offline
New Member
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 170/160/135 Female 5"5"
Smile My take on the Guai Protocol

The Guaifenesin Protocol works. But why not for everyone?
There are so many reasons how it can go wrong that you can so easily overlook.
I still, after years on it, find blockers and have to fix them. Yes I cleared fast and got better really fast.
But I never would've given up my Rx meds to do it. You do not have to.
The reason it went so fast was BECAUSE I took Vicoden, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers, and all the standard Fibro "Starter Kit" of meds, LOL.
The guai just ignores all of that and does it's job no matter what Rx you want to take. Only the REALLY hard-core folks say to give up meds. Poo on them.
It sounds like Dr St. Amand is getting a bit too old at 84 to be still doing this.
I fear he may be not giving every one the whole story.
If you were doing the same thing for 50 years, you'd get a bit sloppy too.

The only money he keeps is from personal patients. ALL ELSE GOES TO THE "City of Hope"
All the paraphernalia, DVD's, etc. are only there if we want them, and WE DO! and yell at him until he provides them. They help spouses understand that we are about to go through a long stroll through hell, and this is why he is forced to provide the additional DVD's etc. It's easier that trying to get spouses to read the book.

Yes, it IS INSANE that we become groupies. But if you were healed, you'd be a total groupie of whatever fixed you too.

I have given the rest of my life to help Fibros with: diet, sleep, and Gaui Protocol. They HAVE to read the book twice. I talk to their doctors, most of whom are so out of touch and have info that is 20 years old. THEY don't even know that the patient is supposed to get worse before they get better!!!
The odds are stacked against us who know it works, because of crap like this.

Doctors are taught that Fibro is still hysteria. So why in the heck would they EVER believe Mucinex can fix Fibro. They never will. And just who is gonna pay for a fair and double-blind test? There is no person or entity who has a thing to gain from such a test. THINK ABOUT IT! Every corporation who holds the funds for an honest drug trial will do anything to fight against a trial. SO they will even offer a small trial so they can decide the test protocol "rules", such that it comes out bad. My Dad was a drug chemist. I've been a test patient and they always toss out those who don't respond as wished. I got tossed out once for a blood pressure problem. They cheat. OK? This was a capitalist country last time I checked...there is no government agent there during a drug test. Even if there was, they'd be paid off. HELLO???? please remember what country we live in when referring to $$$ drug trials.
Even after I cleared, and was running 10 miles a day my docs still mumble, "oh you are just in a long remission." You cannot go by what a doc thinks. He is just a person. He is not any smarter then any of us. He stopped researching new medical info the day they graduated. Why oh why do people put these "docs" on such a pedestal? What is this the 1960's?

Look,... Dr. Amand is 84. He is gonna be "outta here" soon.
Claudia does not have the credentials to carry this protocol on with the same UMPH. I'm scared. Even the 2006 book is out of date.
Unless those of us who know guai works get our butts in gear and at least help one other person each, it may all go down the tubes and all this work could be lost.

I don't know why about 1 in 10 do not get better in a year or 2. It is just beyond my comprehension. I just want to move in with them and watch if they are doing or touching anything in the "sal" catagory.

I do know that there is a % of Fibros whose ANA's change and they enter into Lupus. I just don't know the percentage.

To all of you who hate the Protocol: We love you and want with all our hearts not to fight with you, but to help you.
I NEVER in my wildest imagination thought I would be one of those crazy guai people.
I know exactly what the ney-sayers are talking about. It's like a secret cult.
It IS as though we've been brainwashed. Admit it. We ARE insane for guai.

I remember my first conference with Claudia as the speaker, and WOW were these some weird people:
Buying t-shirts???
Ok why do ya need a t-shirt for Fibro?.
Well...It was a scribble made by Claudia's Cartoonist-husband making fun of her Fibro.
They made some T-shirts and they went like hotcakes. ALL PROFITS whet for the NON-PROFIT "City of Hope."

We love the Fibro paraphenalia. I love to wear my shirt. We WANT them,
We WANT to shout out to the world that this crazy crap works.
Heck, maybe that's part of the drug. It makes you want to shout out your window that "This crazy stuff works!"

I'm going to run the Chicago marathon and I thought of a shirt:
Front: "GOT FIBRO?" Backside: "GET GUAI"

I am THAT insane about Guai and how it saved my butt from suicide and I could NEVER run more than 7 miles before I got super-sick with Fibro.
The only thing that stops me now is a blister!

There has to be a logical reason why a few people don't get better after a year or God-forbid two years.
I want to find out why.

Oh and about the quote I read about: ..."computer people" are the only ones who seem to be insane about guai:
Well that online support group is a huge part of getting you through every day. If you don't have access to that group on the computer then I believe you will NOT have a great % of success. It takes a 2000+ member village to get many through it. no computer?, no access to instant help=quitting.

You cannot do it alone. It's just too hard. You have to get a boost from anybody to get you not to quit almost every day of the YUCK portion.
You must have a giant support system in place. And they should all be looking out for the "sals" around you, since it's so easy to pick up a new product or food and backtrack. My map NEVER back-tracked, but I could tell that the Gaui was no longer working, so that can be confusing for those who don't get better. They assume the map will get worse. Not mine.

I still block constantly. And often it is impossible to find the offending thing.
So I stop everything. I stop bathing or even leaving the bed to stop the blocking if I can not find it.
I blocked on one drop of Restasis dry eye Rx due to the caster oil. That is about enough caster oil to douche a ladybug! LOL.

Then the mint in the low carb ice cream. Aloe in toilet paper. Not rinsing your bedding twice in case the detergent is a blocker. I'd wear the same clothes for days to stop the offending blocker. Even ladies socks now come with built-in aloe! Blockers are everywhere and for some it makes no difference, for others it stops progress and you can go backwards for months and not even know it.

My only thing left to say to the ney-sayers is:
1. Give it a year off.
2. Read the book again, just to get excited again. Get back on the GUAIGROUP of crazy brainwashed people and allow yourself to be brainwashed,...just for fun. If ya can't beat them join them.
3. Take any and all the Rx and OTC meds you want or need, that are not blockers. Heck take Morphine if you have to. It's easier to rehab off of morphine than to live with Fibro.
4. Switch around your guai. Even the precious Marina Del Rey Pharmacy guai. Add a short-acting guai to your regular dose of long-acting Guai. Try Mucinex only.
5. Be totally insane about everything you touch. Don't touch anything without gloves.
6. Do the strict Atkins diet and never ever cheat. Low Blood sugar is too similar to Fibro.
7. If you don't get a super-great day in a year, then ok, give up.
Give up the closest thing there is to a cure. Give up. But PLEASE shut up. There has to be something about you that really is different. Wait for the XMVR anti-virals which are being tested at the U of Miami right now.(written 2010) There will be a cure. Soon I pray. Soon.

But know you are loved. I love you, and I'm angrier than all get-out that the Protocol didn't work for you. If there were anything on this planet that I could do to figure out why I would, and I do, every day for those that I take under my Guai wing. Seriously, I'm moving in for a month with a gal about to start, and I will be checking every square inch of her house, her pets, her everything! before she starts. I'm having the house steam-cleaned. I'll be shopping and cooking with her.
I've discussed all of this at length with her doctor and had to set her doctor straight about all the misconceptions she had about the Protocol. And so the doc is also prepared to be part of the team to provide for her the mapping and ANY Rx meds this gal needs to make her feel as comfortable as possible during the YUCK phase.
That is how insane I am about Guai and it being a success for my Fibro pals.
Then I move onto the next gal, and so on until there is a real cure or I die.
If you've been helped by Guai: PAY IT FORWARD. I BEG YOU.

As per the non-responders: Keep on that diet, get your sleep, and take any dang med you want to make life as good as possible.

Don't be angry just because we found our answer.
Guai is honestly not a scam. It is a not-for-profit 501(c)3, but I'm sure that means nothing to you. We know you are angry. We are angry for you too.
The book is: "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" by
Dr. R Paul St. Amand and Claudia Marek, as of 2010 version 6 from 2006 is the most recent.
I am "Deb Fibrogirl" on Facebook. If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me. I am just a 46 year old housewife in Chicago, but I'm doing my best to leave a dent in Fibro before I die.
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Old Wed, Sep-08-10, 08:30
leemack's Avatar
leemack leemack is offline
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Stats: 478/354/200 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 45%
Location: UK

I don't understand when you talk about 'blocking'??

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Old Thu, Sep-09-10, 09:29
Debwill Debwill is offline
New Member
Posts: 10
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 170/160/135 Female 5"5"

I shouldn't tell you, because, if you'd read the book then you'd know what blocking is. My entire message IS don't go by what you hear, NEVER JUST TAKE GUAI BECAUSE SOMEONE YOU KNOW GOT BETTER. YOU HAVE TO READ THE BOOK FIRST.
Do you have Fibro? Are you dirt poor? Do you want the book? EBAY has many for cheap. Or your Library. They don't care HOW you bet the book.
It is a miracle, after you walk a bit through a hellish period, just like chemo-therapy, only worse than that. So you must be a really strong-willed person, you must be able to take off work for about 6 months. And there is a lot you have to do before you place an order for your Guai. The doc who has been refining this for 50 years has got it down to the cheapest and easiest that he will be able to as he is now 84. No, you don't need to meet with a doctor. But if you google a Fibro Doc in your area and call and ask if they provide Gaui services, then you are golden.
The doc totally disagrees with me on these points and says it's not that bad...etc. But I say, you gotta be ready in case it does get bad on some days.
If you have access to all sort of Rx meds, do not stop taking them. You may need pain pills or something for anxiety, and more. Imagine your Fibro going backwards at super speed.
That is what is feels like. Blocking is just using a product that binds to the same receptors as the medicine, so you end up wasting time and pills if you are touching or consuming a plant or body product that acts on those precious receptors where the med needs to go.
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Old Fri, Sep-10-10, 08:46
katoman's Avatar
katoman katoman is offline
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Location: NW Louisiana

The only thing I was ever prescribed Guaifenesin for was for severe congestion. When was it first prescribed for fibro?

BTW, my rheumatologist said I have fibro but since going VLC, nearly all my symptoms have disappeared.
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Old Sat, Sep-11-10, 07:28
Debwill Debwill is offline
New Member
Posts: 10
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 170/160/135 Female 5"5"
Default Re: When was it first prescribed

The Dr. has been refining the Protocol for 50 years. The first dose was a different drug with the same effect and he was the first to begin giving it to his patients 50 years ago. And back THEN they said it was REALLY awful, but it still did the job.
You just gotta read the book to understand your question too, sorry, 'cause the story itself is sooo long.
He began with a discovery about a gout medication and then over the next 40 years ended up using Gauifenisen as it works as well without the horrible side effects of the gout med. Which is funny because IT STILL HURTS like the devil's elixer...for a while.
It is not usually prescribed because of how painful it is. Even though many many docs know it works and take it themselves.
So the only way you can get a doc to work with you is to read the book, go to the website, find a doc, or google one who uses Gaui in their treatment.
My own Doc is known as the best Fibro Doc in Chicago, and he quietly advertises on the website that he will help patients through the protocol. He will never just come out and suggest it.
After I found him on the Fibro site, I walked in, slammed my book down and said: "I'm ready!"
Then he makes sure you understand what you are in for:an increase in your symptoms, and he asks if you've prepared your home and family, etc.

You get good days in a few months, and not every day is hell. Within a few months you get your first GREAT day and that is the day you stop doubting it. Up until that day you actually DO feel like a fool for doing this crazy thing.

If I were a doctor I would not prescribe this either. It takes a certain type of patient. The doctor will not hold your hand through it. He is only there to confirm the progress of the treatment by checking these lumps and them shrinking. He may suggest when to stop upping your dose, but by then, you know when and how much pain you can handle and most up their dose once they know it's working. And then there is me, who ups her dose to crazy levels to get the hell out of hell asap.

To put a patient through this without them fully understanding and accepting every part in that book: which explains ridding your home of products that counter-act the med, and diet (low carb, of course) and talking to your family about helping out, etc. would be a cluster-f*ck of ticked off people. And there are these ticked off people who didn't understand what they were in for, and that's why you see people who warn you against this.

I'm "cleared" and am just simply better than I've been even before the Fibro grounded me to my bed for 2 years. I can now run further than I have in my whole life. I balled my eyes out when it was over I was filled with such gratitude.

The doctors that PROactively prescribe it are crazy. The patient HAS to lead the way and take time to digest all that it entails and be prepared for it. Meaning read the book! And it takes a month or more to prepare your home and life before you swallow that first pill.

Docs can't and shouldn't mention it. It would be like a doc hooking you up to a chemo bag and radiation not telling you anything and walking away. Only patients who are strong and ready and prepared for it are the ones that the doctors open their arms for. The patient has to take the lead.

It takes the whole book to prep you for what is to come. It would take a doctor about 8 hours to prep you for this treatment. Hence, again...the book. And still you'd hate them for doing this horrible thing to you. So why should they put themselves in that position?

And my opinion is still that, just as cancer treatments, you need time to BE sickly. I do not believe you can work and do this at the same time..I just don't.

The Dr. disagrees with me, but he hasn't gone through the UGH part in decades. Me thinks he forgot how UGH you feel some days or on the days it's time to raise your dose.
Buts it's like labor pain that you forget once it is over.

But when you open your eyes in the morning on an UGH day, the first thing you want to know is "Did anyone see the plate number on the bus that hit me in my sleep?" Yes it's funny.
And the online group keeps you going and makes your poor body laugh, and if you are a very strong person honestly wanting to feel free of Fibro this is the only door out today.

So it's been prescribed in some fashion for about 40 years, but until he began lecturing and finally writing the book, it was mostly just an idea being spread in conferences. Now, we have the book and the meds and all the tools we need to do it ourselves. And most docs just laugh it off.
I mean seriously, I did. I laughed my butt off when I learned about it. But did it anyway and now I'm out, I'm free. It's all over. Fibro is dust in the wind.

And his theory about why it works is wrong. He admits that. But have you ever read the fine print on all your meds? It almost always has a sentence in it that states: We don't fully understand the reason for the action of the blagh blagh, but we suspect it is due to blagh blagh. My Dad was a drug chemist.

Do not even look into this if you are a weak person, or are not determined enough to go through with it. It takes a certain type of patient to make it through to the other side. Not just anyone has the guts and determination to do it. The doctor ain't gonna hold your hand. All he's gonna do is help you get through it with whatever Rx meds you need to keep you comfortable.

If you go to the DR. who developed it, he is just too strict about what you should and should not eat, drink or what Rx meds you can take. Poo. Take anything you need to make it through, is my motto and is how I help others, individually, make it through to the other side. I play medical advocate for those wanting to try it. After they read the book, I help them with products, which guai to buy, depending on their pocketbook. We'd all love to use Mucinex, but that's just too expensive. There is nothing wrong with the compounded pharmacy Gaui from the Marina Del Rey Pharmacy in CA, but Adams Lab/Mucinex only allows the use of their patent for this pharmacy only, due to the outcry of the thousands who cannot afford to use Mucinex. Regular short-acting Gaui you see in Walmart, etc. Is NOT the guai you need. You must have the patented one that is long-acting, or you will waste even more time and money.

Another reason Dr.'s don't prescribe guai is because too many people just cannot handle the Protocol and work at the same time. My doc used to be so excited about it when he went to the clinic to learn how to do this lump-mapping thing and all success the Dr. had, he went home and did prescribe it. But he quit since he only had a 20% success rate. NOT that it only works 20% of the time, but that the patients quits when it gets to be too much to handle.

Or the really stupid patients, those who won't give up sugar to do it. There are people out their just like this. Doctors have about a 10% chance of success when asking a patient to lose weight or exercise, or even less with quitting ya really think patients are gonna stick to this protocol? nope.

Many doctor's information about it is also 20 years old and they don't even know that it is supposed to get worse before you get better. They do not know about avoiding certain chemicals either. That's a huge horrible thing I'm trying to teach one doc at a time. The doctors must keep up with the new discoveries as they are made if they ever want to prescribe it proactively.

This treatment didn't just fall out of a lab perfect. It took 40 years of testing to get it to where it is now.

I went to a Fibro seminar where they praised Gaui, but admitted it is too difficult and what chemicals the patient must give up: plant-based stuff like aloe will stop the med from working.
A lady at my table said: "Oh hell, no, I ain't giving up my favorite lipstick with aloe for a different one. I love this lipstick!
This is the type of patient that should not be prescribed guai. She will just cheat and the meds won't work and it's a waste of time and money to fight a patient over their precious lipstick.

Some people love their Fibro and love to b]tch about it all day long. That's their job to them.
What would these people do if they no longer had Fibro to crab about all day? My Mom is this way. She is honesty scared if her Fibro vanished. She's never known a life without it. She fears, they will take away her Xanex if she is healed. To her, sick is normal. She is not a good candidate.
"No, mom, you can keep all your pills, nobody is gonna take them away." Still she won't even consider it. She says she is fine with her treatment regime of Xanex and alcohol.

So lemme ask back: When did doctor's first begin to prescribe exercise and diet for patients? How well is that working? The percentage is WAAAAY lower than the Guaifenisen Protocol. And it doesn't even hurt!
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Old Sat, Sep-11-10, 09:33
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"If I were a doctor I would not prescribe this either. It takes a certain type of patient. The doctor will not hold your hand through it. He is only there to confirm the progress of the treatment by checking these lumps and them shrinking. He may suggest when to stop upping your dose, but by then, you know when and how much pain you can handle and most up their dose once they know it's working. And then there is me, who ups her dose to crazy levels to get the hell out of hell asap.

What lumps are you speaking of? I have Fibro and have never had "lumps" of any kind-and it's not a symptom of Fibro.
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Old Sat, Sep-11-10, 15:02
Debwill Debwill is offline
New Member
Posts: 10
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 170/160/135 Female 5"5"

The lumps are very hard to find on our own unless someone show you how. They are not on the surface, well only very slightly in certain lighting I could see mine on my legs. NOT the cellulite, either.
If you have cellulite bad on your thighs then you will not be able to find them yourself. They surround every tender spot you have, as well as in specific regions on the body. You got Fibro? You got tender spots. You got tender spots? You got lumps.
You can easily feel them when someone else is mapping you, then you can go home and you too will feel them. No I didn't know about the lumps either until I was first mapped.
Then I was able to go show my regular GP the ones on the sides of my thighs. He agreed that yes they are there and had no clue what they were. Lumps are the contracted muscle tissue, so lump is a silly word. You find a better word and I'll use it. But they do feel like lumps when you know how to palpate them.
Here's a trick for you: use your knuckles in a fist and drag them as hard as you can along the top of a thigh, or better yet do both thighs at the same time. Do it only as hard as you can WITHOUT causing yourself pain.
Now, quickly, with the exact same pressure glide your knuckles along the sides of your thighs.

Tell me what you feel? Did you cuss, scream and hate me? Yup, you got lumps, whatever you want to call them. Lump refers to the larger area in the muscle that surrounds each tenderspot, not the spot in the middle that hurts super bad.
When I run my knuckles down the sides of my thighs, now, I feel nothing. Zero pain whatsoever. And it's also very very smooth.
I'd like to add that I invented this Fibro game in order to talk via telephone to folks with Fibro, including my sister and Mother. Yup, they cussed. Yup they got lumps in there.
Yup, they both yelled at me! LOL
This has nothing at all to do with how a mapping is done. I don't want you to think a doctor is ever gonna do this to you. They use a light touch over a silky fabric. I wear slinky yoga pants.
If you don't wear a silky slinky fabric then the hand cannot glide as easily. They will teach you how to find them. They don't even have to teach you, since the first time you get mapped, you can feel the lumps under his hand. Then you can follow along with your own hand. And it's kinda fun. I came home and told my husband: "Hey! I'm Lumpy and didn't even know it." And I let him take his own hand and he too could feel them. It's not a magic trick it just takes the right pressure to find them. But even this simple gentle mapping can actually cause a flare up in the early stages. And if you go lump hunting today, you could cause a flare up too. Be careful.

Sorry lumpy
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Old Sat, Sep-11-10, 17:19
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Progress: 80%

I don't have lumps with my Fibro pain spots. I was diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic in 2005. You post a lot of unusual symptoms for Fibro.

Last edited by lisabinil : Sat, Sep-11-10 at 18:24.
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Old Sun, Sep-12-10, 04:39
VegGrrl VegGrrl is offline
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Wow, I honestly don't know where to begin with replying to your post, or if I even should really, as the lack of response and few responses you ARE getting kind of say it all...but maybe you should re-read my posts, because you seem to have misread many things I wrote (e.g.; I did go see the actual doctor who wrote the book throughout, I did prepare like crazy, use the support forum, even went to actual in-person support groups with Claudia Mar ek where only one person thought they were getting better). And I don't believe I said computer people, if I did, what I meant was that the only people I talked to who got better were people I didn't know in person, only online (as I've said, I did belong to the GuaiGroup and hung on their every word with bated breath, as anyone so desperate to get well they'd do something this ridiculously difficult will do.)

You keep contradicting yourself as well:

"If you go to the DR. who developed it, he is just too strict about what you should and should not eat, drink or what Rx meds you can take. Poo. Take anything you need to make it through, is my motto and is how I help others, individually, make it through to the other side."

And then you go on to say that you even stop bathing to stop the thing that's making you "block"?

Apparently Guai doesn't help fog much even in people who claim to be better?

Anyhow, people asked for my experience with the Guaifenesin Protocol fiasco, and I gave it. Not very polite to tell me to shut up; don't think this kind of rant is winning you any groupies anyhow. Actually, now that I think of it, post away...
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Old Sun, Sep-12-10, 11:29
Debwill Debwill is offline
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Stats: 170/160/135 Female 5"5"

VegGrrl; First I'm sorry. I have to get some good info out there about it.
It honestly healed me, and thousands of others. The support group is full of the beginners the once you are done, you leave the support group and go on with a new life. Many check in every year or 5 years to say "hello" and what wonderful things they are doing in their lives now.

It's all newbies on the on-line group (I was one too and was angry and felt stupid for doing it once upon a time) I think everyone or most, doubt it will work until they get that first GREAT day.
I'm still trying to figure out where your great day went. And who told you to give up any meds you needed or wanted to keep. That was not right for them to do to anyone.

I am trying to balance out your post of it being a scam, of it not working at all. And I'm still confused why it did not work for you, especially since your maps were looking good. I would've asked you to continue at the lowest dose that still makes your maps progress AND would've given you a super strong pain med. Or Lidocane patches or ANYTHING to make you comfortable until you were 99% clear on your map. And even then it's up to you to taper off of whatever you want to, When your time is right.

And from what you said about the old Doc did seem too strict and painful, and that's not how I would've imagined him to be: putting you in pain with no Rx pain relief. I never got to meet him and I just assumed he'd be the best at it as his success rate is 90%.

I attend Fibro conferences and Gaui speeches and meet tons of old gals who are climbing mountains!
There were many people who quietly here who said it works. But are just not as loud as us. lol.

Please allow me change me mind about the some details. I do not have fog, I have a bigger problem. It's that's I know it healed me and am in total disbelief when I find anyone for whom it did not work, given the map getting better. If you'd have left out the "map getting better" part I may not have flown off the handle, sorry. I'm backing off. I'm backing off confused and angry that it didn't work...and it is still going to haunt me, not knowing why. My head is spinning with 100 ideas that couldn've gone wrong. But you are just a paragraph in the wind of the Internet. So not being able to do anything about it kills me. I actually was prepared to call Claudia to see if she (hypothetically) would tell me anything about a person with your story and what she would say. What did they tell you? Oh I don't even need to ask. Lemme guess: they were happy about your mapping results and told you it will just take you more time and maybe the slow-responder speech, etc, Right?

My gut reaction to your warning of BEWARE OF GUAI hit me so hard I went off the rails. So I'm looking back and changing my tune to make up for that. I'm sorry, but I'm more sorry that I can't take you to my doc and find out why.

My first posts were too Drill Sargent and just mean. And so I'm thinking of ways to be totally honest and trying NOT to sound like I'm one of the groupies. I'm trying to find some sort of compromise so that others will not just walk away due to your results and that of your friends.

I can understand and let go of a strong reaction when people just say, "it didn't work." Then I have always found out the reason why, when I dig deeper. But you are the first person I've heard of who was technically getting better but never felt better. Even for one day!

I have such confusion and anger about your results and have this searing need to know why. I don't expect you to answer any more questions. I know, you've moved on. OK. But you should know that it is because of you that I am so confused and would love to be able to walk in your shoes and see if I could find any reason for your outcome. 99% of my anger is FOR you not AT you, the only 1% is because of the all caps on the title of the thread "BEWARE OF GUAIFENISEN."

Since I know it's not a scam, and there are ten of thousands of people who HAVE their lives back. And if you went a year, and she went even longer, with both maps showing improvement I have never heard of that, unless there honestly is a "slow-responder" problem, and there just cannot be with the both of you. I can't accept that.
So I am angry. I am angry that it didn't work for you when everything else sounds almost perfect. Except for going off of any Rx meds. Could you have made it another year, had you not given them up.?
Don't bother to answer. I know you don't want to get bombarded with my questions. I'm just saying this is what is spinning in my mind. I'm still thinking of excuses like: when did your Fibro really hit hard and how may years was that from the day you started guai? Did you do the calculation of the "2 months for every year" thing and what number of years did that show?
(I don't go back to the date when you got Fibro and didn't realize it, since It seems we all look back and find things in childhood, like mine was anxiety. So yeah, I had it forever, but I still believe the calculation should go back only to the date you dropped dead from it. That calculation worked for me and my Fibro friends.)

You are my riddle. I love a good riddle. I have a disability alright: it's wanting to know why it didn't work for you and getting to the answer and trying to help. But unless your calculation was never done or it did show you'd be cleared in a couple years, then....well...there's the riddle. You should've had at least one GREAT DAY during that time.

OK I will give up and let you go with my apologies, but please let other's try it. It does work. And know I will never forget you as you have blown my mind as someone who did it all right and it still did not work.

Well the good news is that LCing and getting your sleep will make life a ton better. I know when I began Atkins so many of my Fibro symptoms were helped. And to find a way to sleep for 7 hours a night is another big batch of symptoms down the drain.

Developing a perfect sleep ritual for yourself (I know you know all this, so I'm just adding this to help others) If you cannot get 7 hours of sleep every night, you will always be sick. It takes all sorts of forms: baths (yuck, wet hair) Or melatonin, tryptophan, Vallerian root, etc. even a tranquilizer or sleeping pill should be considered. Even Seroquel (the old version) stops a 'bout of insomnia with the first pill. But keep taking it every night will make you fat, so it's only for insomnia use for me.

The diet and the sleep to me were 2/3rds of the answer when I was still sick, and Guai then fixed all of it in time and then you can cheat, you can stay up late, you can eat a cupcake, no more low blood sugar problems. etc. But of course Atkins and LC, etc. are always a better way of eating just in general.

As per I don't expect any. But I'd rather be hated than have them not at least get some more info about the protocol than was here. I hadn't planned to stick around, I just had to tell my story of it working. And as much of what my experience was. Love, hate, ok. whatever. I still love you.
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I did the guai protocol for 10 years. It's a fairly harmless & cheap medication. It was cheaper as a prescription drug though. I always bought mine on ebay & got it for half what Walmart charged. I started high levels of vitamin D3 the beginning of this year & no longer require guai.

It makes sense, the body doesn't have a guai deficiency. Guai never made me better, it just managed symptoms. What I didn't like about it is that taking almost any herbs or supplements with it would block it from working. I couldn't take spirulina when I was on it & feared trying most anything.

My theory is that lymph fluids get thick & pool around nerves putting pressure on them causing pain. Guai as well as vit.D3 thin out the lymph fluids.
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Default Guefenesen Works.

Hi all! I have unsuccessfully tried all anti-inflammatories, anti-spasmotics and narcotics (and Lyrica) for my Fibro and the meds others listed for my Osteo and muscular pains. I currently need both of my knees replaced. A friend told me about the Guaifenesin helping my Fibro and I immediately started reading up on it. I then immediately started taking it and after only 2 months (along with a very low carb diet), I can walk and move about it without screaming in pain. If anyone says this is all psychological - well then, long as I can walk and move, I don't care what anyone says. It works.
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