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Old Mon, Jul-04-05, 20:14
ElleH ElleH is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 10,352
Plan: PP/Atkins Maintenance
Stats: 178/137/137 Female 5'6"
Progress: 100%
Location: Northern Virginia

I wouldn't put off starting the plan. Think of it that every day you wait, you further damage your adrenals? I'd go ahead and get started and just bring the food you need on your trips. It really shouldn't be too hard...meat, veggies, carbs, fat.
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Old Mon, Jul-04-05, 20:23
paulam paulam is offline
New Member
Posts: 61
Plan: Schwarzbein/0 Blood type
Stats: 155/145/130 Female 62inches
Progress: 40%
Location: california

Mindy, just a few thoughts, are you drinking less caffeine? That alone can cause migraines. I get one whenever I try to
stop caffeine. Also, it could be a "detox" symptom from something else. Sometimes when the thyroid is hypo, even the
liver doesn't work up to par. Perhaps you are detoxing from something that before your liver wasn't handling. I'd drink more
water. But I do think that something if off in your system. Getting it checked out with an md, telling him that it seems to
be related to when you take your full dose of thyroid. I will check some other thyroid sites to see if I can find out anything about migraines.....
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Old Mon, Jul-18-05, 09:30
Mindy66 Mindy66 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 35
Plan: Schwarzbein
Stats: 158/158/120 Female 5 4

I've actually not yet even started the SP, but am still intending to.
In regards to your question about my caffeine intake...i know exactly what "withdrawl" headaches you are referring to when you try to go off of caffeine. I too have experienced these in the past. Unfortunately my migraines aren't anything close to these headaches. They are far beyond. I get extremely sick with all sorts of horrible symptoms. I really never experienced them ever before in life until after I started taking the Thyroid meds. I am back on my full dose as halfing it only made me lethargic and I began having other adverse symptoms. I am going today for my first visit to see an OB/GYN who was recommended to my by a Pharmacist who owns a "'compounding" pharmacy. I knew that she would know of Dr.s in the area who actually prescribe Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. I am hoping that because this dr. is familiar with and advocates this therapy, he may also understand some of the other "stuff" that Dr. Schwarzbein talks about.
I have a list of lab tests that I am praying that this Dr. will be willing to order for me and even praying harder that my insurance will be willing to cover.
I am sure anxious to to have some more absolute answers regarding the conditions of my hormones instead of just speculating. I sure feel out of whack, but would like some realy answers. From what I understand, the average lab Thyroid test is not all that effective, so the Pharmacist recommended that I request a different type of testing as well as some other tests.
Wish me luck!

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Old Mon, Aug-29-05, 12:21
Leela's Avatar
Leela Leela is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 60
Plan: 6-12-12
Stats: 184.5/175/120 Female 5 feet
BF:way too much!
Progress: 15%
Location: Illinois

for constipation: get to the health food store and get a good flax seed/whole grain cereal. I eat one called Low Carb Success by Flax Snax. Its instant hot cereal. Very healthy, low carb and be close to a bathroom!
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Old Thu, Mar-23-06, 19:32
Tazzieone's Avatar
Tazzieone Tazzieone is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 52
Plan: Paleo/my own
Stats: 215/220/140 Female 5'8''
Progress: -7%

can I ask why you cut your thyroid meds in half? Metabolic Syndrome is what you have if you have the combination of insulin resistance, blood pressure problems, high cholestrol, I personlly believe that hypothyroid is part of that too. Having Metabolic Syndrom make it tough to lose weight, I agree with this plan in that you need to focus on getting healthy!
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Old Wed, Mar-29-06, 09:23
ArticCat's Avatar
ArticCat ArticCat is offline
Organic Lifestyle
Posts: 214
Plan: SBP (Organic & Balanced)
Stats: 165/135/130 Female 5'6''
Progress: 86%
Location: Rocky Mountains

I think others have said it, but I'll repeat it. The Program does push making sure you fix each "area" one at a time before moving ahead to the next. The first was nutrition and sleep for me. Many have heard my rant before, but I'll repeat it. I spent 3 years changing each area of my life before I was completley "following" the plan. You seem to be in a more burnt out state than I was, which is why I think this is more important for you. Unlike other "diet" books, you don't just jump on the bandwagon and start to follow SP. A lot of it is about making the changes and helping more body to heal over TIME. So I would pick a few things you need to change. Substituing sugar with fruit, moving from coffee to tea, pick some things and set weekly goals. Don't start with a new change until the initial ones have ingrained themselves into your lifestyle. This takes time, but you can do.
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