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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 09:53
kyrasdad's Avatar
kyrasdad kyrasdad is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,060
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 338/253/210 Male 5'11"
Progress: 66%
Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Default What have I learned so far?

Letís see where we are.

Today, I weigh 278 pounds, spot-on 60 pounds lighter than my first day of low-carbing, September 5, 2003. My highest weight ever was around 345, but I was 338 that particular day. Thatís a shade over 6 months of Atkins, or Atkinsesque eating, with a few bumps in the road, planned and unplanned.

My wife got me on the diet, which I had thought of as kooky before, having vaguely heard of it and having dismissed it when I saw all the fat in it. Iím cynical by nature. If it sounds too good to be true, I reasoned, it usually is. I didnít like the tone in Atkinsí book, either. I hate to be sold, and the good doctor sounded like he was trying to sell me something. Iím guarded like that, and probably miss opportunities from time to time. When someone full-court presses me, I donít respond by giving him what he wants.

Another friend had been on it, and had lost over 65 pounds in 5 months, so it started to gain credibility in my mind. I went ahead and jumped in on that day in September.

What have we learned so far?
  • I knew nothing of food or nutrition before Atkins. Obviously by my weight, I was doing something wrong, but I had no idea what it was. I wasnít adhering to low fat, low calorie, or low-anything. I took stuff I heard on television, so I was as zombified as the next guy that saturated fat had made me fat and would someday clog my heart up. I didnít act on that belief too well, but I bought into it. I never ate pork. I rarely ate red meat. I had chicken by the barnyard-full (still do, I like chicken). I ate bread and pastas to fill out the menu. I used to grab a can of Ragu and spaghetti, and think because I wasnít adding beef or pork, it was good for me. I slowly started to educate myself, mostly on these forums, since November. Iím still learning.
  • Throw protein at cravings. I say that having just staved off a trip to the freezer for ice cream with a slice of roast beef & cheese.
  • Sugar is the prime enemy. I count back and realize that I ate frightening amounts of sugar previously. I wasnít even a huge sweets addict (starches were my downfall), but even so, I consumed an appalling amount of sugar.
  • You have to do it for yourself. I think having Kyra last May was a catalyst, but I donít know that I could do this strictly for her. It has to be for me. I put myself in the hole, and I canít use others as a crutch to get out.
  • That which cannot be measured cannot be corrected. I used to avoid the scale like the plagueóI didnít want to knowóbut now I go daily and record weekly. I know many who donít scale to avoid stress over it. I weigh to make sure I understand the implications of what Iím doing, and to center myself. Always been goal-oriented, so this is a way to quantify the goals. The thing I havenít done is to tape-measure. I know Iíve gone from a size 48 pants to a size 40, but I donít know if that translates to inches.
  • I hate jeans because the sizes that fit my waist feel like a skirt on my legs, theyíre so big. Chelli tells me ďyou have no butt anymore.Ē I usually love em, I just need to find some that fit well.
  • I can eat like this the rest of my life. I enjoy it, and have taken it to be the norm. I can shift around and have carby stuff, and if I isolate it into a single meal, I usually see no ill effects. Often, I see a whoosh.
  • Introspection is vital. I say things in my journal and on these boards that I wouldnít dare say to people in person. It helps me work out the root causes of fat, and the machinery of motivation. Iíve needed to have this conversation with myself for 20 years.
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 09:57
sjkling sjkling is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 510
Plan: atkins
Stats: 220/190/160 Female 5'10
Progress: 50%

thanks for sharing your insights. this woe has really opened my eyes to so many of the same things you have stated. and this forum is the place for me to go every single day to keep myself inspired. thanks again.
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 10:04
dreamnfae's Avatar
dreamnfae dreamnfae is offline
Ohmahgawd! Really??
Posts: 329
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 314/306.5/300 Female 65 inches
Progress: 54%
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

I whole-heartedly agree with you on absolutely EVERYTHING you said. It is all so true. Oh, and Congratulations on your 60lb loss! That is FANTASTIC!!
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 10:25
kyrasdad's Avatar
kyrasdad kyrasdad is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,060
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 338/253/210 Male 5'11"
Progress: 66%
Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Hey dreamnfae, noticed that you are a local here. I'm in Broken Arrow.

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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 10:41
MisterE's Avatar
MisterE MisterE is offline
90 Days at a Time
Posts: 18,731
Plan: Glycemic Load
Stats: 426/405.2/326 Male 74 in.
Progress: 21%
Location: USofA

I want to thank you again (I am certain I had sense enough to thank you some time in the distant past) for always making time to share your experiences. I know your honesty and contributions have helped me. And I KNOW I do not spend enough time thanking the folx I should. ( may not get another cudo from me for 6 months...but it ain't that you are not a continual inspiration. Thanks!)
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 11:54
teresamay's Avatar
teresamay teresamay is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 750
Plan: Atkins Induction
Stats: 270/215/150 Female 5'4
BF:not sure
Progress: 46%
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

thank you - you make so much sense, and I really enjoyed reading that!
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 12:00
Paris Paris is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,816
Plan: IF & Paleo
Stats: 270/254/150 Female 68 inches
BF:--- too much!
Progress: 13%
Location: Oregon

Wow, Scott, that was awesome! Thanks for putting your thoughts out here for the rest of us.

And, congrats on your 60 pound loss thus far! Way to go!
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 12:04
Rocky_Cdn's Avatar
Rocky_Cdn Rocky_Cdn is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 873
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/153/135 Female 5'0
Progress: 82%
Location: Alberta, Canada

I loved everything you said Scott - except about the jeans! Go out there - find some. Then show us the pic!!

Congrats on the 60 lbs! That's just awesome!!!
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 13:38
ValerieL's Avatar
ValerieL ValerieL is offline
Posts: 9,388
Plan: Atkins Maintenance
Stats: 297/173.3/150 Female 5'7" (top weight 340)
Progress: 84%
Location: Burlington, ON

Throw protein at cravings
Sugar is the prime enemy

Truer words have rarely been spoken. And good mantras for the low-carb life. Excellent post.

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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 17:11
diemde's Avatar
diemde diemde is offline
Posts: 7,547
Plan: lower carb
Stats: 333/199.8/172 Female 5'8"
Progress: 83%
Location: Central Ohio

Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.

That which cannot be measured cannot be corrected.

How true! Finding the tools to measure isn't always easy, and some of the tools we do find are flawed. But if you don't even try to measure, you'll never know when you need to make those adjustments!
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 20:02
hummelda's Avatar
hummelda hummelda is offline
~Return to Reality~
Posts: 8,515
Plan: LCHF also RNY Bypass
Stats: 288.8/183.6/159 Female 5'7"
Progress: 81%
Location: Niagara-OTL, ON, Canada

Great insight, Scott!! You are doing so well and I commend you!! Here's hoping the next 60 will be smooth sailing for you!
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Old Thu, Mar-25-04, 20:34
kenkobiz's Avatar
kenkobiz kenkobiz is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 279
Plan: LC Lifestyles Plan
Stats: 333/240/190 Male 6'0"
Progress: 65%
Location: North of Atlanta

Wow Scott!

Congratulation on your 60 lbs, and your post explains why you have lost that much weight. I heard an excellent quote that reminds me of what you have said here, in regards to how much you have changed your way of thinking:

"To keep doing the same things and expect different results is the definition of insanity"

Through educating yourself you realized that something needed to change for you to get to your goal - so you did something about it. That puts you well on the path to success.

For people that have a problem with change - there is an excellent book called "Who Moved My Cheese" that is a must read!!

Congratulations again - you are well on your way!
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Old Fri, Mar-26-04, 09:59
memaw O5's Avatar
memaw O5 memaw O5 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 775
Plan: Atkins/induction
Stats: 329/293.5/200 Female 5 feet 2.5inches
Progress: 28%
Location: Illinois,Alton

Scott, I have alway appericated your thoughts and your way of wording things. Been there with you when the ring fell off and am going to be here when you find that perfect pair of jeans. When you do post a picture for us all to see.
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Old Fri, Mar-26-04, 10:13
Renkin1990's Avatar
Renkin1990 Renkin1990 is offline
Contributing Member
Posts: 673
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 259/190/135 Female 5'5
BF:OMG Too Much
Progress: 56%
Location: Tampa, Florida

As a new member to this WOL I have found hours upon hours of information and inspiration on this board. I truly appreciate your contributions and insight. I constantly find interesting ideas to keep me on track and keep my goals, long and short term, in sight.

Thank you for your honesty and your willingness to become so naked before us all. It takes courage and commitment. Thank YOU!
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Old Fri, Mar-26-04, 11:00
LauriTheRN's Avatar
LauriTheRN LauriTheRN is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 431
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 298/209/170 Female 5'4
Progress: 70%
Location: Southern California

I also want to thank you for sharing your insight with us all. This type of venue is wonderful because we can express the things that we normally wouldn't to someones face. Bless you and this message board for allowing us all to "be naked".

Congrats on the 60 lb loss as well. I can't wait to lose that much.
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