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GOAL! Less than 9 months, 100 pounds are gone! Updated Pictures...
Posted by Gee-Ma
Posted Sun, Jan-21-07
Female 5'4
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 286/159/186
Progress: 127%
Location: North Carolina
Default GOAL! Less than 9 months, 100 pounds are gone! Updated Pictures...

I've read the success stories of people that have lost 100 pounds (and more) I've watched the TV shows like "I Lost It" and all the other ones, and I am, "ME" after losing 100 pounds. 8 months and 20 days later, what a difference losing 100 pounds has made in my life.

YoYo dieting was a way of life for me, any new diet that came out, or new diet pill... I would try it. I would lose and then gain back all the weight and more. I would ask myself over and over "WHY" do I lose just to gain my weight back? I knew why, it was an easy answer.... I went back to my old eating habits. I enjoy food!

There's this great little place not far from me that sells the best hot dogs, sorta like a "mom and pop's" place. I know the people that run this place so for me to be alone and go in and ask for 4 hot dogs all the way...well, lol... I didn't want them to think I was eating all that by myself so I would say "I want 2 hot dogs all the way" and he'll have 2 with everything but ketchup. Of course "he" was not there but I had them thinking the 2 other hot dogs were for my husband at home. I would go back home and eat all 4 right by myself, that was just for lunch and I usually asked for 2 orders of fries with the 4 hot dogs! Then there was the ice cream. I always had the freezer stocked with Ben and Jerry's, I had pecans and hot fudge for the toppings. Every night I would fix my husband and I a big bowl. Then, there was the Pepsi's. I was consuming at least 8 cans a day. Pasta, potatoes, I was loving those carbs!

We always take the grandkids to Myrtle Beach every April, we've been doing that for the past 5 years. Last April we rented a beach house that had like 2 big flights of steps just to get in the house. Well, after finally getting in the house I was so tired I really dreaded going out again knowing I had to climb Mt. Everest again once we returned. The grandkids always wanted to go go go, and there I was trying so hard to keep up. At 286 pounds, my feet hurt, my knee's hurt and I was SO out of breath. My back hurt constantly. I was an embarresement not only to myself, but to the people I loved. SO.... this April, it's all going to be different. This granny is going to be in a new bathing suit and out playing with the grandkids, running, going up steps and this time I am going to be the one who says "let's go go go".

In April of 2006, I did a search for low carb diets and found this board...THANK GOD! There's been so many people that have helped me and inspired me to keep going. I can't thank you all enough! I read the posts and looked at the pictures. I started posting and decided that May 1st was it. This was my last ditch effort to lose and KEEP it off, I was getting to darn old to keep trying! I was tired of trying! I had to try something that worked for the long haul and that was Atkins. The best part of being on Atkins is that I know now I can make this a WOL. There's so much food I can eat and be satisfied. I love chicken wings, steak and veggies, eggs, I can eat that and so much more, there are lots of good recipes on here.

My very first post on here was "I am such a failure". I printed that out and have it on my fridge. I remember saying that I hoped in some small way I could help others, I hope by posting my before pictures, I can. It took a lot of guts to put those pictures on!

Thanks to everyone on this board!!! I set my goal back in May 2006 to lose 100 pounds by February 2007 (9 months) and because of the inspiration and motivation from the great people on this forum... I accomplished my goal! I'm going to keep on losing, maybe 30 more pounds....thanks so much everyone!
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Success Photos

by MrBuffalo on Sun, Jan-21-07, 02:07

Another great story! Thanks for the motivation.
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