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Old Wed, Dec-06-06, 20:43
FatFreeMe FatFreeMe is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 5,689
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 262.2/247.2/204 Female 5ft 1/2 inch
Progress: 26%
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Cheers! I'm in Saskatchewan!

*takes a deep breath. Let's see, my turning point, there have been a few:

1) at the local swimming pool, a bratty kid runs up to me and says loudly:

Lady! How much did you eated! while, within 4 or 5 ft, his mom and her size zero friends sat and listened, and not one of them said a word. I've been wanting to call her up on the phone and confront her. Like others, I lost it when I got home and told hubby about it. That was the summer of 2005. I didn't go back in the summer of 2006. I know her and her kids are still regulars there.

2) Our first ever holiday, Mexico, January 2006. Hey! after 20+ years of marriage we deserved it! It was Great! Until the plane ride home.
When dinner was served, I couldn't put my tray down far enough for the food to sit on it. The stewardess asked me, quite nicely really, to put my seat forward, the plane was packed! The fellow behind me probably didn't have enough room to eat either. After I struggled to get it upright, she returned and said that's ok. The food tasted like CHALK in my mouth. I was very embarassed and ashamed. Then, we when were deboarding, I saw the fellow who was sitting behind me. He must have been 6'4 and a beanpole. He probably couldn't eat either, with his knees wrapped around his ears! I felt SO ashamed of my size. I just don't know how heavy ppl fly! We're going back to Mexico this January. Don't know yet what I'm gonna do!

Oi, That's enough of that for now. I'm sure if I put my mind to it, I could think of more, but I hate to put my self through it! Let's just say, I am ready for change, and leave it at that, for now.
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Old Sat, Jan-06-07, 21:23
Azure's Avatar
Azure Azure is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 177
Plan: Low carb and clean eating
Stats: 355/277/180 Male 5'11"
Progress: 45%
Location: Worcester, MA

For me, all those "moments" just made me depressed, which drove me to more food. But I've had plenty. Having small children, on more than one occassion, say "wow, he's fat!" Never any malice. Just honesty. Being at a store with my bf, shopping for patio furniture, sit on a plastic chaise and it breaking into several pieces. Running into old classmates when I'm home visiting my family, and them not recognizing me.
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Old Tue, Jan-09-07, 10:34
sublime's Avatar
sublime sublime is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 465
Plan: Atkins 1st, South Beach
Stats: 204/180/155 Female 5' 4''
Progress: 49%
Location: North Carolina

Lots of things, but one in particular. Realizing that although my daughters love me to pieces(ages 9 and 11), I know for sure the youngest was embarrassed of me, going to her school in particular. I could see this actually hurt HER more than me. It was confusing for her to feel that way about her Mommy. That killed me. Plus, I have a 3yr old boy, and I don't EVER want him to feel that way about me. Ashamed to bring his friends over or me go to his school.
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Old Tue, Jan-09-07, 12:44
bigtoevin's Avatar
bigtoevin bigtoevin is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 323
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 260.5/246/199 Male 67 inches
Progress: 24%

I started on July 4th.

I was tired of heartburn & eating antacids EVERY NIGHT before bed.

I was tired of my feet being sore from standing and walking.

I was tired of how I looked & felt.

I was concerned for my kids.

It was long overdue!
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Old Thu, Jan-11-07, 10:26
DejaBlue's Avatar
DejaBlue DejaBlue is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Plan: atkins/my own
Stats: 262/240.5/180 Female 5'6"
Progress: 26%
Location: Cincinnati

I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired...
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Old Sat, Jan-13-07, 16:23
ws&f ws&f is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 31
Plan: Dr. Atkin's
Stats: 188/180/148 Female 5'51/2"
Progress: 20%

I just don't "feel" good anymore and I figured it was time to do something about it.
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Old Sun, Jan-14-07, 23:33
sleecarter's Avatar
sleecarter sleecarter is offline
New Member
Posts: 13
Plan: My Own
Stats: 215.5/160/150 Female 5'5"
Progress: 85%
Location: Ohio

I was just finishing up nursing school and I realized that I don't want to be an unhealthy and fat nurse advising patients to eat better. Talk about irony.
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Old Sat, Jan-20-07, 00:31
mrjsmith mrjsmith is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 28
Plan: Low GI-ish
Stats: 236.6/209/186 Male 69 inches
Progress: 55%

Cool section. I started low carb like 5 years ago. I had done a weekend camping thing with friends on a river. Involved shirt off time and whatnot. There was no major "event", but you know. Everybody else was thinner. I saw a pic a couple months later and it was like I got slapped in the face. I was standing there with my shirt off. You don't realize how overweight you are till you see a picture, and even worse, the rare picture with your shirt off.

I've been on/off since then with varrying success. I think there's a combination of insulin related issues a la standard low carb, and simply eating too much, so I'm doing the IF type plan now too.

After that original kick in the pants, I've had a few other "moments". I've been in an amateur band for the past few years. It really sucks if you've put on weight recently and have to get up in front of a room full of people (and cameras). About 6 months ago a guy just turns to me after and say, "I haven't seen you in a while. Dude, you've put on some weight. Seriously." This guy is known for being kind of an ass. I had put on about 10-15lbs, which is nothing to dismiss, but not exactly the kind of weight that should warrant a remark (considering the last time he'd seen me I was about 210). Still, not good. Then you get pics back from the gig. When you're looking through a set of pics to try to find one that best hides the fact that you are fat, you need to lose some weight.

Also, about 2 years ago I quit smoking. I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted as long as I didn't smoke. Well, I took advantage of that. I was down to about 205 at my lowest before I quit. After a few months, when I really, really decided enough was enough, I'd hit 230. Right now I fluctuate at about 10-15 down from that high (215-220).

I'd just love to see a pic of myself and say, "Oh, wow, I have lost some weight". Interestingly, my roommate tonight was like, "Hey, have you been losing weight?". The scale hasn't moved too much, but you don't hear that kind of remark from a male friend unless you're visibly losing weight, so that's good.
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Old Thu, Jan-25-07, 06:39
frannie_tn's Avatar
frannie_tn frannie_tn is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 276
Plan: Confused
Stats: 223/192.0/140 Female 5'
Progress: 37%
Location: Tennessee

I ran into a friend at our local flea market whom I hadn't seen in about a year. My friend came running up to me and said "Now I know why I haven't seen you, Your the baby due soon!" I replied "no just fat".
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Old Sat, Jan-27-07, 12:47
hayes's Avatar
hayes hayes is offline
Sugar Free & Sober!
Posts: 4,897
Plan: Atkins/maintenance
Stats: 186/155/140 Female 5'8"
Progress: 67%
Location: NE Arkansas

My kick start was walking in front of a big glass window, seeing my reflection and thinking "OMG, someone has replaced my body with my moms" The only difference was our heads......
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Old Sun, Jan-28-07, 15:04
CNYMom's Avatar
CNYMom CNYMom is offline
Currently Fascinated
Posts: 3,370
Plan: M&E/Atkins
Stats: 225/150/125 Female 5'2"
BF:Quite Possibly
Progress: 75%
Location: Central NY, USA

I've fought with my weight all of my life. Thanks to the Atkins diet, I was down to 80 pounds to 120 about 10 years ago now, kept the weight off fairly well for about 3 years, and then I got pregnant. (BTW, my motivation then was a controlling boyfriend who sounds very similar to many of the controllers in this thread. I lost the weight, took a picture, and mailed it to him. Hee! )

Anyway, the long and the short of it is, I didn't think I was doing that badly (well, carried "baby weight" -- heh, she's 6 now), I mean I knew I was heavy, but not this bad. Quit smoking in August, 2005 and didn't even think about dieting until I fixed that problem. I did the Atkins induction in February of 2006 (after stepping on the scale at 225 and crying a lot) and... nothing. Didn't lose a thing. I've told my doctor story elsewhere, so I won't repeat myself, but suffice it to say that since September or so I've just sort of been numb, resigned to my fate. I'm fat, and going to be that way forever, because I am Incredible Broken Metabolism Woman.

Except my daughter is 6. She wants to have friends over, I go to her school to help out when I can, and there were three things I wanted to fix before she got old enough to be embarassed by me: smoking (got that done), a dental issue (fixed that, too), and lose weight. I just want her to be as proud of me as I am of her.

I also wouldn't mind a date maybe one day. Maybe.

So, there it is. (Did I mention I talk a lot?) Eggs and meat, starting tomorrow, along with 20 minutes of walking 5 days per week. (I'm going to increase that, just not quite yet) If I can fix this, I will fix this.
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Old Mon, Jan-29-07, 18:00
craney's Avatar
craney craney is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 457
Plan: atkins
Stats: 185/147.5/130 Female 5'1 1/2
Progress: 68%
Location: South Carolina

You've lost 27, I'm sure you can lose the rest. Hang in there!
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Old Sun, Feb-11-07, 20:48
wannadanc's Avatar
wannadanc wannadanc is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 488
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 222/210.8/160 Female 66
Progress: 18%
Location: "Wettern" Washington
Talking A process.........not an event..........

First of all - I had put on 65 lbs since I quite smoking 2.5 years ago - and really didn't give a tinker's damn about it, because smoking had been such a huge albatross.

HOWEVER - I was slowly getting very tired of trying to find comfy clothes in my closet! I am single, and retired - so power suits and 4 inch heels are no longer required. Nevertheless - even sweat pants can become "too tight".

It was a very methodical approach - decarbing the cupboards, setting a start date, and just DOING it!!!!!!! Unlike my working days when weight loss always captured positive feedback, I will simply be happy w/ loose sweat pants!!!!!!

It is for me and about me - and somehow that just feels so good and so strange!!!!!!!! I am working toward getting that ladybug to scoot right on down the length of that worm and put a big kiss on it's face!!
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Old Fri, Mar-23-07, 11:12
Sunsea's Avatar
Sunsea Sunsea is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 658
Plan: LC, IF,no sugar
Stats: 294.5/278.3/180 Female 5'9" (top weight was 309)
Progress: 14%
Location: Southwest, USA

I saw pictures of a fat lady...........and realized it was me.....
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Old Fri, Mar-23-07, 11:43
DietMonstr's Avatar
DietMonstr DietMonstr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 533
Plan: PSMF
Stats: 160/145/125 Female 5'7.75"
Progress: 43%
Location: Maryland

When I realized summer is only a couple months away. I didnt want to spend another summer in baggy clothes and jeans- sweating my brains out.
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