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Old Sun, Jan-20-19, 08:52
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To Good Health!
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Plan: IF Fung/LC Westman/Primal
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Default Cholesterol and low-carb diets

New comprehensive Health Guide on DietDoctor, written by Franziska Spritzler, RD and Dr. Bret Scher, MD.

If you don't want to read back through this whole forum a good place to start.

Cholesterol and low-carb diets

What is cholesterol?
Cholesterol in your body
“Normal” cholesterol levels
Low carb and cholesterol
Cholesterol increase on low carb
How to lower cholesterol on low carb
Advanced testing
Recommended resources

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Old Sun, Jan-20-19, 09:51
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Excellent summary of all the related information.
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Old Sun, Jan-20-19, 10:44
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 155/128/125 Female 63
Progress: 90%

Janet, this is an excellent article/guide. I’m excited as I will be doing my annual blood work in May and will be anxious to see how my ‘numbers’ are. I do remember my triglycerides were >150. My NP is excellent and has very open mind to latest care for me. I will be taking some information to her from articles etc.

I appreciate your articles you post. I want to thank you for your IF information. I started IF Jan 4th. I wanted to kick start my loss. I was 133 and today 129. Reached my goal. IF is working for me. Thank you and all posters.
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Old Sun, Jan-20-19, 11:55
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To Good Health!
Posts: 11,211
Plan: IF Fung/LC Westman/Primal
Stats: 222/171/169 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 96%
Location: NC

woah...that is great. IF is magic... update your stats and own that below goal number Glad to help, sure your blood tests will be fine..or at least you will know what to worry about and what to ignore.
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Old Sun, Jan-20-19, 12:47
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I don't seem to have a lot of followers along this route but my approach to cholesterol is to simply ignore the whole thing. It's been over 15 years since I've had my blood tested. My one trial with Lipitor many years ago resulted in disabling joint pain so after that I simply figured I was eating in the most healthy way I knew, I would never take any kind of statin again, so why get my blood tested? So far this approach has not yielded any bad results that I know of and I've probably saved myself a lot of stress. In my mind birth is the greatest risk factor for death so if we could all just avoid being born then no one would have to die .
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Old Tue, Apr-02-19, 18:36
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Default Time to put it to the test

I'm very impressed with Dave's theories and his experiments to date.
It's one of those situations where it all seems to add up and ties in what appeared to be contradictory dogmas.
I am myself counting in the class he describes as hyper-responders.
I have taken to a version of IF. Skipping breakfast and eating 2pm to 10pm, keeping mostly LC.
In response my weight, triglycerides, waistline, blood pressure, & blood glucose, are down to new (if unremarkable) lows.
HDL is at record high.
The fly in the ointment is my LDL has headed skyward and my new doc, following the diktats of his masters, wants me on the drugs. He has given me a scrip for a repeat blood test 3 months on from previous, to confirm my high LDL.

Reading Dave's theories suggests I could save myself by producing a large drop in LDL using Dave's big re-feed method. As this is the first try it will be a white knuckle ride as I won't know the result until the test results go back to the medical centre.
RE the re-feed, I will probably try and get some mono-fat in there rather than all sat-fat, even though the sat-fat appears easier to glug down as double cream etc.
Also I think some carbs (added as mashed potato) could be added given Dave's vid at .
I'll let you all know the results. Here's hoping.
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Old Sat, Apr-06-19, 07:05
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Thanks, Janet, for reminding me of all the good information on Diet Doctor about cholesterol, etc. I need to be well-informed when I see my doc next month.
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