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Old Thu, May-10-01, 17:11
fern2340's Avatar
fern2340 fern2340 is offline
Posts: 8,394
Plan: My Own Plan
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 6 ft 2 in
Progress: 52%
Location: NJ

Ok, I thought this was pretty funny. I was talking to a friend at work today about my diet. For those of you who don't know, I am on a CKD (cyclical ketogenic diet). Anyway, I am only doing this for about 6 weeks.... ok, ok here is some background on me and why I chose this diet

I am 6'2, WAS 182 lbs. I have a slim frame and EVERYONE would say I was crazy when I said I wanted to lose some weight. "You're so thin" they'd say. Well, I didn't feel so thin. My response would be...."Well, you see me with clothes on." You don't see the fat that I see. ANYWAY, my boyfriend and I have been dating since January. He is a personal trainer and we were talking one day. He told me about the CKD he goes on for about 8 weeks in the summer. Very briefly, this diet includes low carbing during the week (20 g carbs a day) and "carbing up" on weekends. Also, lots and lots and lots (did I mention lots? hehehe) of cardio and weightraining, and ab workouts.

Ok, I am off topic..... so I decided that since I was going to Hawaii in May (which is now only a little over a week away) that I should try to get rid of some of the fat I saw on my body. (by the way, my bf is tagging along to Hawaii!!!)

To make a long story short.... I have been doing the CKD for almost 5 weeks (only 1 more to go!!!) and I am now at 165 lbs. I have lost at least an inch off my waist (haven't measured in a couple weeks) and my abs are a bit defined......

Even though I only am doing this for a bit longer, this has given me a whole new way to look at weight loss. So, to get on with the funny part of my story..... My friend at work today did Atkins a few years ago and we were talking about how I am almost done my CKD. She said, "Now, you're going to be messed up for life! Even though you're not on the diet, you'll always be thinking before you eat something.... jeez, that's a lot of carbs, or that's too much sugar!!!" She said this like it was a bad thing.

I see what this diet has done for me and I hear about all of your great results and I say, if doing this has "messed me up for life" because I am ALWAYS going to be thinking about carbs, then I say....... I am going to be happy being "messed up!"

I think all of you are GREAT for deciding this is a woe for you! Honestly, if I had a lot to lose, I would do Atkins in a heart-beat...
From now on, I will be looking at the carb intake on everything I eat and I think that being that kind of messed up is a GREAT thing!

I am still going to be reading on this board and posting because I think you are a wonderful group of people!! Also, I will post my final results next week (or when I get back from Hawaii) plus before and after pics on the fitness/nutrition/personal training site my boyfriend and I have (or will have very shortly)!!!!

I wish all of you continued success with this woe.......
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Old Thu, May-10-01, 21:27
numberonewendy's Avatar
numberonewendy numberonewendy is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,703
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 183/143/140
Progress: 93%
Location: Orillia, Ont. Canada

How sweet

Oh how horrible that you will be thinking of carbs everytime you eat....LOL

Have a great trip!
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Old Fri, May-11-01, 06:54
Tinakaye's Avatar
Tinakaye Tinakaye is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 194
Stats: 203/122/128
Location: Ohio USA

Awareness and knowledge are never wasted! Have a great time on your trip and looking forward to hearing about it and your results!
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Old Fri, May-11-01, 08:46
agonycat's Avatar
agonycat agonycat is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,473
Plan: AHP&FP
Stats: 197/125/137 Female 5' 6"
Progress: 120%
Location: Dallas, Texas

All I can say is I love being messed up for life!

What are these people thinking!?!?!?!?! Oh I lost 40 pounds on Atkin's so I am going back to the way I use to eat and gain it all back?

BAH I say!
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Old Fri, Jun-01-01, 13:29
Trainerdan's Avatar
Trainerdan Trainerdan is offline
Posts: 2,518
Plan: Zone
Stats: 255/242/230 Male 75 inches (6'3")
Progress: 52%
Location: Philly
Default people are people

Jealousy and envy come with the territory.

I think when people see someone doing something that they wish they could (and know they SHOULD) be doing, they immediately go with their uneducated opinion that they got from "a friend" or "the news".

All I tell those people is:

"If this diet doesn't work, then why do I look like this?"

"If this diet is bad for me, then how am I in such good health?"

"If this diet is gonna make me fat when I stop, tell me when. 'Cause I do it every year, and every year I look better and better. Go ahead and eat your Snickers now."

The funny part is that these people usually tell me this while they are eating a Big Mac Value meal or something similar.

I just take it as a compliment.

Also, I have noticed that women are quick to praise each other, while men never do. You hardly ever hear a guy say "Wow man, you've really lost alot of weight!"
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