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Old Yesterday, 08:48
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Whirrlly Whirrlly is offline
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will catch up later on personals

mom called feeling sick yesterday so we went up and she said she needed ER but got there and she was better. I think she didn't feel well and just was scared to be alone.

So we brought her home here and all good.

She is staying with us a few days and she is better and we are gonna hit the dollar store in a bit.

drama for sure LOL

but all good

catch up later, bye

oh fasting is ok....didn't make the day, I ate a very small cheeseburger patty to hold me but still extreme low kcals and I sure feel thinner so something good is happening I think.

broth today and maybe protein shake or something....trying to keep fast as best I can but still need a small bit of food.....trying to get rid of it.

oh gosh, Tony's mom just called and said she is at the hospital with her sister...…oh boy gotta run now

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Old Yesterday, 13:18
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niccofive niccofive is offline
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Location: Central East Coast

Trig- seems like that is always the way with teens- they care and then they stop caring and we are left doing the caring! lol I sort of agree with Blue- find a white one and call it a day.

Sorry to hear your Mom wasn't well. Glad that she seems to be doing better. And then The Chop's mom calls? You are getting sandwiched for sure!

Jaz et al - Add me to the 'dance with mom' bench. My Mom has always lived on the 'helpless and flighty, damsel in distress' bench but she is either losing it mentally or has taken it to a whole new level. I feel like I repeat things several times, tell her to write it down etc but I still don't feel confident that she is actually getting what I say. Who knows. I will see her in September for a couple of days- guess I'll try to get a feel for it then.

My online class- so far is stupid easy. From what I can tell, two lessons a week. It thought it would be video but it is reading. Read the lessons, take the quiz (which you can retake as often as you want but I've not needed to) and then there is an optional activity to do (which I am doing) to help you think things through. Then a discussion area if you want to do that. There is a final at the end but to what purpose I have no idea. I'm taking it through the county community college.

Yes, I do have a movie pass for AMC. I go enough that it more or less comes out as a wash, but I can reserve seats ahead for free, get points that allow discounts on drinks and snacks, stuff like that. I'm keeping it for now but if/when things get busy I'll probably drop it. Our AMC also does $5 Tuesdays as an alternative.

Blue- your girlfriend day in Wisconsin sounds so nice! I too can get just as much happiness seeing someone else buy something. I don't buy things that often anyway. I do wear my "Charleston drug rug" in the cooler but not winter weather, here in the house. It is the perfect thing for bumming around in the house.

Lori- in some ways it is good that you have so little pain that you forget to do exercises- I know you wondered if you would ever get to that point!

I love pounded and fried pork tenderloin using pork rinds and grated parmesan cheese. Crispy and delicious!


Super hot today- 96+ with a heat index of 105. Just nasty. Luckily I was indoors working 8:30- 2:30 and then just came home. Add me in to the group that is SO READY for Fall. Apparently we had our last 8 PM sunset so the days are indeed getting shorter.

DS17 was still asleep at 2:30 when I got home and he got quite the unpleasant awakening. I mean, I don't mind in summer if he sleeps until 10 or 11, but 2:30 is absurd. I wanted him to let the dogs out while I was gone, and go to the store. He's upstairs getting ready/hiding from me at the moment.

ETA- I think I scared him. He's left to go to the market.

DS20 is doing great. He texted me pics from his day today- he went to "the Rijksmuseum: the biggest museum in the Netherlands and one of the top 15 art museums in the world!" Very happy for him that he is out exploring and found his confidence to manage on his own. The orientation group arrives tomorrow and then his days will be crammed full of activities- some of which don't even start until 11PM and go until 3 AM!

Resting up the rest of the day- just doing laundry and making dinner. Crab cakes on tap for tonight. Back on the WOE.
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Old Yesterday, 15:53
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
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Plan: My Way; IF
Stats: 223/170/150 Female 68 inches
Progress: 73%
Location: Pennsylvania

Oh Trig....hope the MIL is ok. I wasn't sure if it was her or her sister who was ill. Whichever, I hope all is well. Glad your Mom is feeling better now. you scared the teen straight? Whatever it takes to get him to go to the market, right?

I went to the Chiro today and she gave me a going over. I got scolded for not doing my exercises. I'll try to do better. I go back to see her on Thursday.

I made it thru the day with less than 400 calories. The only solid food I had was 4 oz. of grilled chicken for dinner. Other than that, I had some MCT oil and collagen powder, just as planned. The rest of the evening will just be sparkling water and early to bed. Tomorrow will be eating my fill! YAY! LC of course!

DH had to take the DGS10 home. He's actually meeting our DD at the halfway point. A 45 minute drive for each of them(one way).

Looking forward to a good Yoga workout tomorrow morning early and then a dental cleaning appt. That will be my day.

Have a good evening.
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Old Yesterday, 17:08
Blue52 Blue52 is offline
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Plan: My own
Stats: 238/187/175 Female 5'11"

Hi all,

Trig---Sounds like things are jumpin' since you got home. Hope your MIL is ok.

Lori---Congrats on your first 500 cal day! Doesn't sound like it's been miserable. Knowing you can eat whatever you want the next day is a big help I bet.

Question---When I've read about this plan before (JUDDD) the deal has been you can eat what you want, carbs included...I think up to 1800 calories, but can't remember anymore. Not that I'm pushing the carbs of course, just curious if your plan is specific about that "all you can eat" day.

Nic---Lori made me grin. Kid was "scared straight." Love it when that happens before you have to "go there."

So, the working out of your home on line course is pretty easy peasy. Wondering if you think it has value nevertheless, as in you've learned some stuff?

Jaz---Hope you've put away your long Monday and are home and chillaxing.

Also, really hoping for some cool weather for you. Don't know how you've stood it as long as you have, but then what choice do we have? Folks say the same to those of us in the north about winter.

To all on Wayfair. First of all I hate their jingle w/the heat of a nova star, LOL. However I have directed my clients in buying things from them and I have bought from them for myself, and my son when he needed furniture.

IMO, some of their stuff is very reasonable and they have a nice deep selection in every category. But it's always "buyer beware." I have learned on ANY furniture site, or really any larger purchase, to put the name of the product and company you are looking at in your URL and see if it shows up anywhere cheaper. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

Once I found a coffee table I liked at Wayfair, but it was more than I wanted to pay. I put the brand name and product name in the URL and it showed up in a furniture chain out east for $350 less! Yep got it from them and yep, they offered free delivery, which surprised me as it wasn't an expensive piece. And it arrive w/very little assembly required, hubby did it easily. See below on Ikea.

But can't say that happens often, although have run across smaller price differences for all manner of things on all manner of sites.

I have an issue w/Ikea, don't get me started. Don't know how they sold their business model to so many except to say smart marketing. Lots of assembly at home, not to mention lots of work at the store collecting all the parts to buy before you ever get out of the dang place. No one to help dragging it all to your car, or unloading it when you get home. I think their price point is too high considering all that. I can beat or equal their prices at a couple different places here in town, WITH free delivery and assembly---which since it's basically much more wholly put together than most things at IKEA, it isn't a big deal for them to cross the Is and dot the Ts. Plus, with some exceptions, I don't think Ikea's furniture is built to last for long. DO think their kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is a pretty good deal.

OK, LOL, rant over.


Oh my, we are just having day after day of gorgeous weather. We've had like maybe one rainy/cloudy day every 10 days for weeks and weeks now. This month has NOT been beastly hot or humid, as August can be. Hate to blow my horn so much about it, but by winter it will be a much more muted horn. Everyone loves to dump on the north about their winters, including northerners LOL. But often our springs, falls and summers so make up for it.

Went down to the pool today, but didn't do a real work out. As I said, a bit more of a drag down there these days so just told myself all I had to do was keep my limbs moving. Had my weights and did just that while I chatted away w/some other gals in the pool. Good enough. I KNOW I'm going to miss the heck out of this when it's gone, so I'm pretty focused on using it as much as I can, whether I feel like it or not. Thing is, once I'm down there I'm ALWAYS so glad I went, easy or hard work out.

9th day on plan. Longest I've gone w/out a treat for as far back as I can remember. Also an OMAD day for me---again felt fine and reasonable to do so.

Hubby is out of town till Thursday. Miss him already, but nursing my "grief/LOL" by doing every thing I want to do around here, some of which would really irritate him if he was around, particularly in the kitchen. And so it has always been w/us.

Last edited by Blue52 : Yesterday at 18:10.
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