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Old Thu, Nov-08-18, 13:34
LiterateGr's Avatar
LiterateGr LiterateGr is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/240/170 Female 5 '9"
Default Not the start I'd hoped for, BUT

Started Monday.

Usually, for me, a successful start means handfuls of supplements, careful weighing & measuring, and a bunch of stuff on-hand.

(I know -- most folks advise against weighing daily. For me, I don't mind the bounces in the graph, I can watch the trend... but DOING it is part of the discipline: a symptom I'm taking care of myself. Letting that go can often be the first sign of depression -- depression encourages us to let things slide -- and thus a signal that things aren't going well, and I'm about to stop caring about my health.)

And lots of discussing it out loud with my family, so they don't make my life harder. ("Mom, why won't you eat the tuna-noodle casserole? I made it for YOU!")

Well, I had none of that.

Haven't figured out why my digital scale (that I LOVE) isn't working right. (No, it's not a battery issue.) So no weigh-in.

Don't even have a tape measure by my desk, for measurements.

Haven't popped a supplement, even though there's already ample evidence I have some minor nutritional deficiencies going on.

Haven't even really gone grocery shopping.

And yet...

I started.

I did eat off-plan ONCE, on Monday, when I ordered a bunch of chicken nuggets for my daughter and myself, on the way from Point A to Point B. (I needed FOOD, this was the only way we had time for it, and I couldn't stomach the thought of a burger.)

Monday & Tuesday I was hungry a lot. (I also didn't have much food.... I was too tired to cook, and nothing was ready. There were things I thought we had on hand that it turned out we didn't. So I just didn't eat.)

Wednesday, I was again eating on the run... I had wings, at a place that doesn't bread them. Then came home to my husband making me bacon cheeseburgers & cauli-cheese mash. (I'm about to go have a leftover one for lunch!)

I even went to the movies late last night... Popcorn... I just walked past.

So yeah... this is a bad start.

But it's a START.
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Old Fri, Nov-09-18, 06:24
FREE2BEME's Avatar
Senior Member
Posts: 2,491
Plan: Atkins & IF
Stats: 258/212/150 Female 65 inches
Progress: 43%
Location: Japan

I wouldn’t call it a bad start. This is all a process and some days are better than others. I have to remind myself often that no one else is keeping score and I’ll make the best choices that I can in the moment. We also learn a lot along the way. And it sounds like you have a special husband. 😀 That kind of support already makes you ahead of the game.

Last edited by FREE2BEME : Fri, Nov-09-18 at 20:34.
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Old Fri, Nov-09-18, 19:27
gzgirl gzgirl is online now
Registered Member
Posts: 58
Plan: Atkins DANDR/ Candida
Stats: 300/242/158 Female 67
Progress: 41%

Any start is a good start. You made the decision to start making things happen. Don't be so hard on yourself. You know what you need to do to be better prepared and you have obviously thought things through. So take the next steps and be better prepared next week. Consider this your warmup and now you can ratchet things up. BTW your comments on depression resonate with me. You are right --- as soon as I don't hit my water goal for a day or slip on the supplements, I know I am starting to lose my concentration on this WOE.

And I second the congrats on your DH -- mine wouldn't have a clue on a LC meal and its unlikely he would cook one anyway (he's a great guy but useless in the kitchen)
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Old Sat, Nov-10-18, 00:02
uberfat's Avatar
uberfat uberfat is online now
Senior Member
Posts: 189
Plan: mine
Stats: 222/185/143 Male 175

be prepared that you wont get any help from your friends and family.
when i first i told my family i will never eat their precious home made food again. They just couldnt understand it. They accept fast food-kebap-desert is bad for health but any home made food is healthyfood.

Sometimes when you say no They are very unhappy but thats the way it is. maybe today they wont approve but 6 months later they will understand.
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Old Sat, Nov-10-18, 10:15
LiterateGr's Avatar
LiterateGr LiterateGr is offline
New Member
Posts: 14
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/240/170 Female 5 '9"

Re: my hubby...

Yes, I'll admit I married well. *chuckles* I know just how lucky I am.

And part of my "lucky" is that the LAST time I was on LC (from roughly 2011-2013 or so), he was 100% on-board and backing me.... because he saw what a difference it made. (He even joined me for a while, but has trouble with his soda addiction, among other things.)

He loves his potatoes and starches, but makes them as side-dishes.

My daughter is 11. She is a pre-professional ballet student, so has THAT kind of body -- all long, and lean. The one dish she's super-good at making from scratch is "Tuna-noodle casserole"... Which is a stove-top dish of.... basically a variation on noodles-alfredo (from scratch) with tuna mixed in for some protein. (Plenty of fat in the sauce, already). (May not be the over-all healthiest thing, but we've always fought to get fats & proteins into her, and this has a lot of both... and she'll eat it because she makes it.) She's young for her age, and doesn't always "get it" when someone can't eat something she's made... So it takes a little prep-time for her.

Hubby's birthday was Thursday. We had steaks, mushrooms, broccoli, riced cauli with cheese-sauce... and they had potatos & "noodles" (the above dish minus tuna). Bought & served a key lime pie, and nibbled on the remains of steak on my plate while everyone else indulged. Wasn't tempted, didn't even lick my fingers when I served.
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