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Old Fri, Jul-31-20, 10:21
Whited Whited is offline
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Plan: Very Low Carb
Stats: 312/235/185 Male 66 inches
Progress: 61%
Location: Missouri
Default Low carb bread and tortillas

I know there is already a thread on here about this but I'd like to see what you think.So there are a ton of low carb bread substitutes out there especially popping up on Facebook. I've tried Keto thin-- it makes good French toast and is sort of so so as bread. There is also a bread called kiss my keto but that one has gluten I believe. Also there is a place that sells keto tortillas. So do most of you just say no way and do without bread substitutes or do you use some of these products?
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Old Fri, Jul-31-20, 15:02
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Kristine Kristine is offline
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Location: Southern Ontario, Canada

If I could find a sub that ticked all the boxes, I would buy it, but so far I haven't. They all either have gluten X, gluten-free but loaded with rice or cassava flour X, or are prohibitively expensive for me X. Someone recommended a coconut flour tortilla a while back, I think it might have been WereBear? I think the brand name is NuCo. I wanted to try them, but not at $15 a pop. I'm working on perfecting my own. I'm getting closer.

My favorite go-to bread replacement is the good ol' chaffle. I don't make them all that often, but it's nice to have the ingredients on hand so I can whip some up when I'm really in the mood. I have shredded cheese in the freezer and I've always got eggs on hand. They're excellent for sandwich 'buns' and for dunking into soup/stew/chili. I know you were looking for store-bought bread products, but these are second best in terms of simplicity, IMO.

There are probably good full-loaf recipes you could try and freeze the extra, but I prefer single-serving recipes and don't really have experience in that realm.

Good luck.

Last edited by Kristine : Fri, Jul-31-20 at 15:07.
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Old Sat, Aug-01-20, 07:55
GRB5111's Avatar
GRB5111 GRB5111 is offline
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Plan: Ketogenic (LCHFKD)
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Location: Herndon, VA

It's funny that when I first started low carb, I'd look for substitute recipes that seem to fill the gap where I would miss the real carb food like bread. I used to love bread, but I also had a hard time finding a recipe that checked all the boxes including low carb, enabling continued weight loss/ maintenance, no negative reactions, etc. That was harder than I thought. Breads with almond or coconut flour didn't check all the boxes and caused a tickling sensation in my throat. No go. So, after better understanding my carb addiction and how even a photo of a rustic loaf of bread would seem to trigger a desire to slather it with butter and gorge, I gave up the idea. At about the same time and as I was producing ketones and burning fat, my former cravings from my carb addiction ceased. I really wasn't interested any longer in finding substitutes. The cravings for bread were no longer there. Now, that's not answering your question, but this is what happened. I don't need substitutes.

However, a family member in the past year made a bread recipe with Isopure, Whey Protein Isolate product. It is good and checked all the boxes. It's filling and satisfying. It doesn't cause cravings, it's a nice, occasional food for me with an increased amount of protein to boot. I'll try and find the recipes we used. We even made pizza crust that was very good and very filling.
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Old Sat, Aug-01-20, 22:14
s93uv3h's Avatar
s93uv3h s93uv3h is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: Atkins & IF / TRE
Stats: 000/014.5/015 Male 5' 10"
Progress: 97%

1 carb keto flatbread

I've made this one a half dozen times. It's been a while, but I made a batch yesterday while in TRE and just had a couple roast beef rolls. They're more like tortillas.

1/2 cup almond flour (68g)
2 - 3 Tbsp. psyllium seed husks // used 2 1/2 T
1 Tbsp. olive oil
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
1 cup warm water

If you watch the video she says baking powder, then corrects herself later to soda. I used walmart great value almond flour and it comes out just fine. Mix in a bowl with a spoon and it's ready to fry. I used coconut oil and butter.
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Old Mon, Aug-03-20, 22:43
Whited Whited is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 294
Plan: Very Low Carb
Stats: 312/235/185 Male 66 inches
Progress: 61%
Location: Missouri

Sounds good
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Old Yesterday, 07:59
Bob-a-rama's Avatar
Bob-a-rama Bob-a-rama is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,600
Plan: Keto (Atkins Induction)
Stats: 230/171/185 Male 5' 11"
Progress: 131%
Location: Florida

There are a few choices at netrition

Nothing is equal to the old high carb breads, but here are a few decent substitutes:

I like the ThinSlim breads better than the Great Low Carb breads, but that's a matter of taste.

If I order on Sunday, they get here (In Florida) by Thursday so they don't spend the weekend sitting somewhere and not moving. You need to freeze them as soon as they arrive, as they have no preservatives. I find the ThinSlim arrive better due to the packaging, but you need to pierce the package before freezing. It's airtight, and if you don't pierce it first, as the air contracts with temperature it shrinks and squashes the bread.

The ThinSlim bagels are nice too. I prefer the cinnamon flavor. It's very light and gives them a bit of flavor to replace the wheat which they don't have.

For flatbreads, my local health food store stocks breads from Sami's. I'd rather buy local as it keeps some of the money in the community.

Of course with COVID, I don't like to go out more than I need, so I call them, order a half dozen packs of lavash (flatbread) and freeze them when I get home.

I use the lavash to make personal sized, low carb pizzas in a toaster oven. I also toast them plain and use them to eat as crackers with brie.

Thanks to the popularity of keto there is a lot out there now. At the first Atkins wave there was a lot, then it shrunk to almost nothing, and keto brought it back.

My DW makes home made cookies, pancakes, and pasta with almond and coconut flour, every once it a while it's good to have a retro-type treat.

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