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Old Fri, Jan-03-20, 12:18
Birdlovr49 Birdlovr49 is offline
New Member
Posts: 1
Plan: atkins
Stats: 336/280/200 Female 5'7"
Default new but not really new

I'm not new to low carb but new to this site. I've been doing low carb for past 2 yrs. 1st yr was great, lost 80lbs. 2nd yr stalled for approx. 7 months. I am back at it strictly now so hopefully I can get back on the losing streak!
I did low carb for the first time back in 2004. I lost 60lb in about 6 months. I was thrilled! Then I got to comfortable with my loss and became to lax in my eating and gained it back. I did again many years later. Now back to doing it yet again but staying with it this time. Older and wiser right?
Well I'll be 49 next month. At my heaviest weight I was 336 and now down to 277 which I am happy with. I am working on more course. My son's wedding is in July so would like to work on losing another 40-50 by then.

I have been told long ago that when you start low carb again it won't work as well as it did the 1st time. The "golden shot" or something like that. Do any of you believe that? I'm hoping it will work again. I know it may be slower since I'm older now.

Looking forward to losing this darn weight once and for all!
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Old Fri, Jan-03-20, 13:41
PilotGal PilotGal is offline
Look up to the sky
Posts: 36,223
Plan: KetoCarnivore
Stats: 206.6/178/160 Female 5'7
Progress: 61%
Location: USA

hi there bird lover and welcome to the forum.

cruise our forum and find all kinds of goodies to keep you motivated.
we have success stories, challenges and lots and lots of recipes.
People find interesting reads and post them for all of us to read, ourselves.
one diet doesn't fit all, and we have all learned to experiment (N=1)
on ourselves to find out which way to eat, works best for us.

You are going to really enjoy being here and learning about yourself, through this whole journey..
start a journal and document your trials and tribulations and don't forget to measure yourself..
you will be looking back in your journal frequently to remember something you did that worked or didn't work.

sit, chill, read, cruise the forum and again...

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Old Fri, Jan-03-20, 14:03
Ms Arielle's Avatar
Ms Arielle Ms Arielle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 13,047
Plan: atkins
Stats: 255/214/153 Female 5'8"
Progress: 40%
Location: Massachusetts

You are in the right place for support!!

I just realized my son geaduates HS in a few months.....a big event can be just the push to keep us going.

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Old Sat, Jan-04-20, 02:12
serenityh's Avatar
serenityh serenityh is offline
New Member
Posts: 20
Plan: Keto
Stats: 312/292/180 Female 68 in
Progress: 15%
Location: Morgantown, WV

Welcome to the forum! Great job on your success! Keep up the great work!
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Old Sat, Jan-04-20, 04:19
WereBear's Avatar
WereBear WereBear is online now
Posts: 12,469
Plan: Epi-Paleo/IF
Stats: 220/123/150 Female 67
Progress: 139%
Location: USA

Originally Posted by Birdlovr49
I have been told long ago that when you start low carb again it won't work as well as it did the 1st time. The "golden shot" or something like that. Do any of you believe that?

No. I'm mumblety-mumble years old and lost 40 pounds THIS YEAR
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Old Sat, Jan-04-20, 07:28
bkloots's Avatar
bkloots bkloots is offline
Posts: 9,599
Plan: Atkins/LCHF/Keto
Stats: 195/161/150 Female 63in
Progress: 76%
Location: Kansas City, MO

Welcome, Birdlovr. Your previous successes on LC are inspiring for us--and for you. I don't believe in the "golden shot" idea. I do believe that things change as we (women) get older.

I used to think that LC was the "cure" for yo-yo dieting. Well, NOTHING cures yo-yo dieting except sticking with the plan that works. Silly me! As I get older, with LC my baseline for many years, the hardest part to learn (and keep learning) is patience.

I'm back on track now, with a keto plan, and a resolve to completely eliminate those things I've found out over the years create setbacks for me. It still isn't easy. But it's simple.

Wish you the best!
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Old Sat, Jan-04-20, 12:39
Entropy39's Avatar
Entropy39 Entropy39 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,512
Plan: Secure meal replacement
Stats: 164/161/128 Female 5 feet 6.5 inches
Progress: 8%
Location: New York

Dear Birdlvr:

Hello and welcome to this forum. I used to be part of this forum in my 20ís and now I am back in my 40ís and I have a much more exciting life than I ever had in my 20ís. I think this is the best forum for losing weight because you have a website that makes you accountable. You can post in your journal you can post on the daily weigh in challenge. I highly recommend you do the Lose 5lbs challenge. Sometimes when you have a lot of weight to lose it helps to think of it in 5 lbs increments.

I will tell you a story. Back in February I went on low carb after telling off my boss . I had 9 days to look for my job and my daughter was with my ex husband for Feb Break. The minute I went on low carb I was very focused. I ended up calling my old bosses enemies (competitors firm) and they knew how hard I worked. They hired me on a temporary basis so I could look for a job while working. they paid me off the books . It was wonderful and scary at the same time. I ended up finding a job in the building. I was losing weight and looking good.I had confidence. I met someone in the elevator in the building and it ended up helping me get a job.
I was on low carb for a month and then went off for the stupidest reason. We were at a steak place for my boyfriendís son he had his reconciliation at church. I should have NEVER went off my plan. I think my boyfriend took us to a steak place for that reason. Once I went off I did not go back on. It was not good. That was March something. ThenI put on all the weight I had lost that month.

Fast forward to this year. And I started low carb again Jan 1st. I am down 9 lbs and I am thrilled. If you have a special event like a wedding I think there is nothing like low carb to get the weight off FAST! You can totally do it.
Just remember to stick with it during and after the event. I guess you could have Diet Coke and rum or something low carb if you want a drink at the wedding but other than that I wouldnít give up ketosis for anything it is the best.

Another thing that helps is a vision 4 you .org. They have daily recordings of OA meetings and even if you are not a compulsive over eater you might enjoy listening to them while you are walking.

I like to watch Amazon Prime movies on my phone while walking on the treadmill.

Well welcome to the forum!
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