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Old Fri, Apr-12-13, 17:07
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McCauley91 McCauley91 is offline
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Default Contemplating quitting

Hey all, first off, I'm a nurse. I remember before nursing school, I would scoff at the nurses I would see outside the hospitals smoking, saying "How could they do that to themselves, knowing and being around all the diseases and disorders that come from smoking." And now, I'm one of them. Would occasionally smoke before, but was a social thing. Half way through school, I started smoking consistently. Now I average about 1/2 pack-3/4 a day. I know I need to quit, but I've gotten bad about recognizing it as an appetite depressant and a stress reliever, which it does both for me. Now, I want to say that I'm not "addicted" and can lay them down whenever I want to (doesn't every addict say that? lol.) I only smoke really at work. Occasionally at home. I can go almost all day without them is the thing. It seems a "habit" more physical than mental.

My problem is I enjoy them. They are my only sanity at work, as that's the only time I get a break is when I can go outside. I also socialize at work during smoke breaks. EVERYONE there smokes. My husband at home smokes. It'll be super easy to lay em down in July when my husband leaves for basic training for the National Guard as I won't be around anyone here at home who smokes. What can I do now? I know I need to put them down, but I really will miss the social aspect, as that's the primary reason I find myself smoking.
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Old Fri, Apr-12-13, 19:07
livinright livinright is offline
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Location: Florence, KY

Can you still step outside for non-smoke break? You'd still get the social aspect.
I switched to the e-cigs. So, I still have to go outside at school. and still get the social aspect.
But I am addicted. To the nicotine and the behavior. I've tried patches, gum, lozenges, and they never worked, because they didn't mimic the behavior.
Now, If I'm in a non-smoking zone, I can go hours without even thinking about it. But at home, I puff on them like crazy. So it's mostly behavior right now.
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Old Sat, Apr-13-13, 00:47
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Smoking is addictive and to stop you have to break the addiction - but most importantly YOU have to want to stop. I managed it with giving up sugar, but I cant and dont want to give up smoking. So I guess you really need to want to give up and thats not easy when you're gonna be surrounded by smokers !

Jo xxx
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Old Tue, Apr-23-13, 10:17
Ceecee1018 Ceecee1018 is offline
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Location: Pennsylvania

I quit in June 2011 w/ Chantix > you do have to want to. Every now & then I get a yen, but it passes. You will quit when it's time.
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Old Tue, Apr-23-13, 11:15
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Location: Beautiful Washington

I didn't know this group/thread existed. I have quit at least 6 times that I can remember. But always go back to it. And it's always that stupid LIE...oh, you can have a couple. Or just 1 pack. Or only on vacation. Add any number of excuses...

I am going to quit again this summer. Haven't picked the date but I will soon. Glad this forum is here!!
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