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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 08:42
New Member
Posts: 7
Stats: 260/260/160
Progress: 0%
Smile Over 50


I am over 50!!

I would like to talk with others over 50 that are on the
low-carb diet....

thank you...

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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 13:10
tofi's Avatar
tofi tofi is offline
Posts: 6,204
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 244/220/170 Female 65.4inches
Progress: 32%
Location: Ontario

Some of the over-50's here won't admit to it , and after LCing, they don't LOOK like it either.

Of the ones who will admit their ages, you can click on the profile icon of anyone who interests you (at the bottom of all their messages) and get in touch. Their birthday is in the Profile but not always the year.

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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 14:40
Kayceecan's Avatar
Kayceecan Kayceecan is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 354
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/225/130
Progress: 10%
Location: Scottsdale, AZ USA

Hi Sandy,

I'm one of those baby boomers too.... Welcome back to the forum. Looks like the last time you were here was in September. I am also a returnee.......Re-started 2/24/03. Hopefully I'll stick with it! But age and medications really make it difficult! But the sad story is all in my journal! How are you doing so far? How long have you been doing it this time? Sure hope you see lots of progress.

Well, good luck...come visit my journal sometime.......
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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 15:57
RCFletcher's Avatar
RCFletcher RCFletcher is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 6,019
Plan: Food Combining
Stats: 220/175/154 Male 5feet5inches
Progress: 68%
Location: Newcastle UK


I'm 52 and I've been low carbing for about 18 months. Lost about 40lbs - several health complaints gone away and feel great!

Good luck with this way of eating

Robert (a Brit in Belarus)
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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 18:32
jers52 jers52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 427
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 239/203/160 Female 5'9"
Progress: 46%
Location: PA
Default I admit it...

I am 51 - don't feel old at all and am planning that this LCing lifestyle will help me so I don't look older either!

Have been at it for just 2 months (as of yesterday)

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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 19:19
rustpot's Avatar
rustpot rustpot is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,110
Plan: atkins/protein power 1st
Stats: 269/278/210 Male 5 feet 10 ins.
BF:33%/30%/ ?
Progress: -15%
Location: Hertfordshire

If I said that my avatar picture was taken exactly 50 years ago......

And i don't feel a day over 45!
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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 20:13
purnois's Avatar
purnois purnois is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,467
Plan: Organic, Raw Foods
Stats: 176/138/117 Female 5'2"
Progress: 64%
Location: illinois

Hi Sandy!

I'll be 53 next month. Been on Atkins for over a year now and am off all of the digestive medications that I was guzzling.

I live about two hours west of you and come to Indianapolis frequently. Last time we were there we ate at CiCi's on 38th Street. The manager saw us eating the tops off of our pizza and came over to tell us they make crustless "pizzas" for all of their Atkins customers. Hubby and I just looked at each other in amazement (what, are we wearing signs on our heads!?!?). We were thrilled. Where else can you get a buffet meal for $2.99 made special to order? WOW!!

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Old Thu, Mar-06-03, 21:22
Rosebud's Avatar
Rosebud Rosebud is offline
Forum Moderator
Posts: 23,568
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/135/135 Female 5'4
Progress: 100%
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Hi Sandy,

Not sure what I'm doing in this thread - I'm only 39! (With quite a few years experience...)

And yes, age, menopause and medications may have slowed me down, but there is certainly less of me now than this time last year - and fewer medications too, come to think of it.
Had I not chosen low carbing, I would almost certainly have been bigger, not to mention unhealthier, by now.


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Old Sun, Mar-09-03, 05:13
lucyr lucyr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: atkins-modified
Stats: 228/185/154 Female 172cm
Progress: 58%
Location: UK

Hello Sandy.

Didn't you know, 50 is the new 40??

I am 52, feel 42 and will look it in a few months time. I don't intend to give in to the 'inevitable' decline in energy and health. I used to pop indigestion tablets all the time. No longer. I take glucosamine and chondriatin to prevent aches and pains, and soy isoflavones to get rid of any hormonal symptoms. Very effective.

So, onwards and upwards I say. It can only get better!!
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Old Sun, Mar-09-03, 06:50
Auntie J's Avatar
Auntie J Auntie J is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 144
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/195/150
Progress: 47%
Location: Northern Minnesota
Thumbs up NOT getting older, getting BETTER

This is how I feel about it---I'm 56 & I think the old adage of "you can't learn any younger" can be applied to me. I have tried every "diet" in the world, some twice. This seems to be a WOL I can deal with, besides I've spent a fortune on "supplies"! IMHO it is a learning process, I'm weeding out the icky products (eg: KETO BREAD MIX), trying to find an acceptable bread recipe that I can make. Physically, I really do feel better, mentally I'm doing better too, This is no different that having a medical condition that needs special attention, it is a medical condition that needs LOTS of special attention! In a couple weeks I have to go for a yearly physical, I'm anxious to see my lab values after about 3 months of low carbing. Hang in there, I know I'm going to "keep hanging". Marla
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Old Sun, Mar-09-03, 13:30
janetkind janetkind is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 563
Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

I just turned 53. Dont look it or feel it. Pretty good shape for the shape am in. ha
Lets email to help us young folks, i started atkins Feb1-03.
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Old Sun, Mar-09-03, 16:48
pbaxle1's Avatar
pbaxle1 pbaxle1 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 35
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 148/143.8/125
Progress: 18%
Location: Kansas City

I must be the "senior" of this senior group. I just turned 65, but look at least 10 years younger. Healthy, except I have high blood pressure, and I'm hoping losing 25-30 lbs will help lower it and take me off some meds.

Let me know how all of you are doing...this darn weight just crept up on me gradually since age 50. As a young woman I could eat and drink anything
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Old Sun, Mar-09-03, 17:18
Magicslr's Avatar
Magicslr Magicslr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 158
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 149/120/122 Female 5 feet 2 inch
Progress: 107%
Location: Longwood (Orlando) FL

Hey Pat,

I used to wish I could have eaten anything when I was younger, but I couldn't and now I've found my new WOL. LC beats all the diets I've been on all my life.

I was totally addicted to sugar, ate it in some form from morning to night, someday I'll have to put my addiction into my journal.

Now, no cravings (never had that before), if I'm hungry I eat and am committed to this WOL and WOE. I feel so good physically - never could say that before either.

Wishing the same for you.

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Old Sun, Mar-09-03, 21:46
Lesle's Avatar
Lesle Lesle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 662
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 260/245/150 Female 5'8"
BF:A Little LESS!
Progress: 14%
Location: Lake City, Florida USA

Just turned 51 here. Feeling pretty good except for the effect of the extra weight on achy knees and joints.
Hoping atkins will help with that soon!
Nice to see a group my own age
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Old Sun, Mar-09-03, 22:04
GrammaDeni GrammaDeni is offline
New Member
Posts: 3
Plan: Somersize
Stats: 128/118/115
Progress: 77%
Location: South Central WI

Hi girls, I am 56, I combine somersize and Atkins and it works great. Hubby has lost 12 lbs and I have lost all the weight I gained over the holidays, 8 lbs. I am only 5 feet tall so I need to keep my weight down to avoid looking very round. I can stay at 117 eaisly on this way of eating. I am also on HRT, Prempro, I know I should prob get off of it, but can't stand those night sweats. And I worry about my bones too. I should try soy--Lucyr, did you get the soy icoflavones over the counter? Does it help with bone loose too? Thanks,
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