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still cant believe it!!
Posted by ojoj
Posted Fri, May-20-05
Female 5ft 7in
Plan: atkins
Stats: 210/126/127
Progress: 101%
Location: South of England
Default still cant believe it!!

Two years ago I was bumbling along, weighing in at 210lbs and growing, I loved my food and had a very sweet tooth. I would spend my days eating chocolate, cakes, biscuits, crisps and then have three big meals a day. At night I'd feel quite sick, laying in bed with heartburn, indigestion, wishing I hadnt been such a pig and vowing to start my diet tomorrow!!! But the next morning I'd be up eating all over again.

At the end of May 2003 my cousin came to stay with us for the weekend, he was raving on about the Atkins diet and had lost 28lbs. I though it sounded total rubbish and had heard through the media that it was dangerous, but my cousin kept on and on, I have to say I couldnt believe what he was eating and still claimed he was losing weight!! Anyway before he left he bought me "Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution" and told me to try it - just for two weeks...

I didnt read the book, just glanced at the "allowed" foods on the induction page.

The first few days, I exchanged my usual high carb foods with low carb snacks, everytime I wanted chocolate or crisps I'd have a piece of cheese or meat. Meals would be roughly the same as I'd always had but without the fries, pasta, potatoes etc.

Day 3 I remember thinking I was going down with flu or something cos I felt "headachey" I didnt put it down to low carbing, but by the end of the first week I felt absdolutely great, more energy, my IBS had vanished, my aching joints had gone and I FELT THINNER!!

Two weeks in and (I remember this vivdly) I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sun and I looked at my watch 2.15pm, I suddenly realised I hadnt eaten anything since BREAKfast! This was a major BREAKthrough. Never before had I ever forgotten to eat!

It was at that point I went and got the Atkins book out and read it. I realised that it was all true!

I was a carboholic - totally addicted to them and without realising it, I'd broken free from my addiction.

I lost 10lbs in the first two weeks! After a while I realised the weight loss formed a pattern, I'd lose about 5lbs in two weeks which would be followed by two weeks where I didnt lose weight but lost inches.

I then decided on a target, I'd never got far enough into a diet before to think about that one!! I went for 140lb - 10stones in English, which seemed like a nice sensible weight for my height 5ft 7in. As I neared it by the November I started to wonder how to actually stop "dieting". I talked it over with another low carber who just said "why stop?" Well, I was enjoying my food, I wasnt feeling deprived. So I didnt stop and to this day I'm still eating near enough induction (occasionally I may add a few low carb bits and pieces - Nuts in particular).

My weight went down to 126lbs and then just stopped going down anymore! I'm fine with that!

I'm so much happier today than I ever have been, I love going out with family and friends, I love clothes shopping and I have so much more energy and confindence. My life has been transformed

My biggest sorrow is that I waited til I was 40 years old to do this, and I blame the media and all the scare stories - When you think of the rubbish people eat today it amazes me that something as natural and unprocessed as Atkins can be deemed bad for you!

Some mornings I wake up and have to look in the mirror to make sure its all true, It really was so easy

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by joesfolks on Fri, May-20-05, 12:24

Thanks for posting this. It is so inspirational.
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