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Old Fri, Jan-31-20, 04:52
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Default Sleep problems? Cravings? Dr. Jack Kruse has a Leptin Prescription

Back in 2014, when doctors had stopped even trying to be helpful about my mysterious condition (the one exception was my GP) I found a doctor who had figured quite a bit of it out. Dr. Jack Kruse explained things on the internet.

I now laugh because with my dramatic transformations in appearance and health people now ask me if I am seeing a new doctor! Or if my program is from a doctor. The answer is yes: Dr. "Lowcarb" Atkins, Dr. "Wheatbelly" Davis, Dr. "Madman" Kruse. And since these folks asking are beginners, I refer them to

This is all medically approved, people! Just not by the doctors YOU are listening to!

As I write this, I am in the midst of a Leptin Reset, having a Big A$$ Breakfast of protein and fat. 50 carbs combined is the minimum for this, so I'm having a pound of ground pork, with Perfect energy tea with coconut oil. I've been doing this all week, which has been a high stress one. And it has HELPED.

Back to basics for me.

Dr. Kruse and the Leptin Rx

When I first tried this in 2014 I was so low-health I could only manage a whey protein smoothie and used Betaine HCL to digest it. Things are much better now, because Dr. Kruse got me some energy and sleep back at that time. I was able to stabilize. And I continue to use his ideas.

I cut the French press of coffee down to ONE and now I'm just doing tea. The results are already starting, I hope: I got 8 straight hours of sleep last night. I have no more weight to lose, so I'm topping my breakfast with Primal Kitchen Golden BBQ and some coleslaw, but carbs are important to limit in any case, especially so with stubborn pounds.

I still follow his "prescription":
  • limit light at sundown (you can use blue blocker sunglasses to watch TV, I have f.lux & sundown settings on my devices, read myself to sleep with a low light Kindle)
  • turn off wifi router at bedtime
  • completely dark room (I use a sleep mask)
  • go to bed early rather than late (if you push you get into a brain reset where you won't feel sleepy for hours)
  • get out into sunlight first thing in the AM

To reset the body's circadian rhythms.

I didn't start to get truly well until I diagnosed myself with a rare genetic disorder. I turned my life upside down to manage it, since it can't be "cured." But that has been worth it, since my creative and entrepreneur abilities have flowered as a result. I hope to use them to keep my life "upside down" as my condition demands.

But if you have having problems with cravings AND sleep; you probably need a Leptin Reset. It might be the stall-buster, and health reset, you need to reach your goals.

It was for me.
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Old Sat, Feb-01-20, 08:54
bluej bluej is offline
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I just saw this post after I did mine
geesh I'm due for a reset I do believe
thanks for posting
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Old Tue, Feb-25-20, 06:10
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Great to see folks benefitting from Kruse’s Leptin Reset.

I did a cycle in 2014 or 2015 to address peripheral Leptin Resistance (it felt like I was dragging around cold, iron anchors for legs). 6 weeks into the Leptin Reset, I found myself running up flights of stairs with warm, energetic legs. Something about Leptin triggering UCP1 allowing your muscles to burn fats to generate heat, uncoupled from work demands. It felt like a miracle cure.
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