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Old Thu, Nov-01-18, 19:31
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Default Ketone Supplements

Anyone take any supplements? What do you like or dislike about them?
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Old Fri, Nov-02-18, 03:15
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I don't take them and don't know who does. If you are doing a ketogenic diet for weight loss, and if your stats are correct, you are, exogenous ketones stop weight loss. The reason is explained by Craig Emmerich in the book, Keto.

Oxidative Priority

When ingesting a meal, the first thing to happen is your body stops adding Free Fatty Acids (FFA) …it shuts off lipolysis, so the blood is not overloaded with fuel. Then starts processing the fuels coming in in order of oxidative priority.

First Alcohol; there is no storage capacity for it, which makes it toxic. Your body must burn it off first, so it shuts off burning other fuels, which are instead stored and lead to weight gain.

Then Ketones, if ketones are elevated by exogenous ketones or MCT oil, then your body needs to deal with that fuel before burning fat from your fat stores.

Then Protein, the body’s building blocks for making and repairing lean body mass. If you take in excess protein (something that is hard to do) your body must burn that excess because there is little to no storage capacity for protein either. It would rather burn glucose or FFA. Glucose takes only two ATP, while gluconeogenesis from protein takes six ATP, then another two ATP to turn it into energy, so burning protein for fuel is inefficient.

Finally Carbohydrate and Fat are the body’s preferred fuel source. Almost every cell in the body is ready to burn glucose, but the body also keeps glucose in a tight range of 70-120 mg/dl. …or about 1 teaspoon! If you eat a massive dessert with 40 teaspoons of glucose when your body only wants 1 teaspoon, it will take a long time to use up that much sugar. So most all that fat that came with dessert will instead get stored in your fat cells while the body is dealing with the glucose to prevent damage to organs.

At last, you can burn fat when you have dealt with all these other fuels. But if you eat carbohydrate heavy meals and sugary snacks much of the day, then you may be in fat storage mode most of the day and rarely dip into your fat stores.

So a well-formulated ketogenic diet for weight loss is straight forward from this list. Don’t drink alcohol or exogenous ketones, eat moderate amount of protein, limit carbohydrates as much as you can, and eat enough fat to keep your hormones happy and appetite satiated. This allows the body to use stored fat for fuel.

If you want to use ketone supplements for epilepsy, Alzheimer's, etc, there are some preliminary studies worth exploring. Even then, be careful you are buying the real deal, not that from MLM schemes. I make my own ketones by eating less than 20g carbs, a guarantee you will be in ketosis and start burning your own body fat for fuel. You do need to count carbs.

Last edited by JEY100 : Fri, Nov-02-18 at 04:04.
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Old Fri, Nov-02-18, 06:51
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I looked back through my calendar to see when I bought my first exogenous ketones for BPC. Seems it was about a year ago.

This is what I'd like to report:
I have had NO weight loss despite being strictly OP most of the year and in ketosis. As a matter of fact, I've even gained weight and I've been struggling to find out why. It's quite possible that BPC and the MCT oils are my problem.

Janet has given some good advice.
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Old Fri, Nov-02-18, 06:52
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I like to take a tablespoon of MCT oil in the morning sometimes. I make sure I eat right after or I get an upset tummy at times. I find it clears my head in the morning - but it doesn't always work out that way.

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