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Old Sun, Mar-18-18, 11:39
Bill Sloth Bill Sloth is offline
New Member
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Location: Portland, OR
Default Noob Report

Good morning Low-Carbers,

I'm two weeks in and down to 194.5 from my starting weight of 198. The first 4 came off rather quickly, and I seem to be experiencing a sort of stall, which I'm not too concerned about.

Even more telling than the small weight I have lost so far is the way my jeans (the ones I complained about in my intro thread) need an additional belt notch to keep from feeling too loose. I don't care about my actual weight so much as I do the inches, so this makes me happy and motivates me to continue.
I'm pretty certain I'm carb-creeping to an extent, and plan this week to begin a scorched earth policy on carb intake. I have been keeping a tally on an excel file here at home, and I really feel I could do better. Basically, I need to be more serious.

My test strips have consistently indicated 30 +/- mm/dl, not that that really means anything, but I'm guessing that I'm probably not fully fat adapted yet? If I do ingest creeping carbs is it safe to assume they can be depleted with exercise? Will creeping carbs delay or prevent my system from making the change to fat adaption? My numbers indicate I'm taking in ~ 30 - 35 carbs per day and FitBit averages my daily calorie burn at about 2800 (my job requires a lot of walking and stairs).

I am a LOT LESS hungry now, so I know I eat less than "before".

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Old Wed, Apr-04-18, 23:41
Ms Arielle's Avatar
Ms Arielle Ms Arielle is offline
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Location: Massachusetts

Hi Bill.

The weight loss is mostly water, and that is good to get rid off and feels great to see the scale budging in the right direction.

Also the bloat goes away pretty quick, so be ready to keep adding notches in that belt.

Exercise is always a good thing. It might stall your weight loss and that is ok. The benefits are worth continuing for a lifetime. Just dont let that scale fool you. Maybe measure a leg to see the change in measurement. I use a mole to make sure I measure in the exact same place. SOmetimes the scale doesnt budge but you are firming up and getting in shape and morphing the fats.

Usually the keto strips will not stay blue as you get more keto adapted. THat is fine. Just hard to not see the inspiring blue and think this way of eating is not working. For now they tell you you are doing LC effectively.

DO NOT ALLOW carb creep. Unless you purposely want to increase the carbs. Then monitor for a complete stall.

All the walking at work is a good thing !!!

THis is a process, blancing carbs, ecercise, weight loss, hunger or not. You are off to a great start!
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Old Thu, Apr-05-18, 06:57
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teaser teaser is offline
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Location: Ontario

Urine ketones don't have much to say about fat adaptation. There's an old study that looked at extended fasting--weeks with no food. They experimented with small amounts of glucose, eight to fifteen grams. Urine ketones disappeared, but blood ketones stayed at the same high level. In an extended fast, about half of glucose production is from the kidneys, this produces ammonia, very alkaline, the authors suggested the ketones were spilled in the urine to lower the ph. The little bit of glucose resulted in a decrease in ammonia production, so those ketones didn't need to be spilled.
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