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Old Mon, Nov-21-16, 09:42
MickiSue MickiSue is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,006
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 189/148.6/145 Female 5' 5"
Progress: 92%
Location: Twin Cities, MN

My original goal was 150. I bumped it down to 145 when I realized that I DID want to be in the "normal" BMI range. I also had a BF% goal of 28, based on my age (I'll be 66 in Jan.) About a month or so ago, I realized I'd already hit that, too.

Will I go below 145? I have no idea. For the past year and a couple of months, my WOE has been such that I know I can sustain it indefinitely. My most important goal is to be healthy until I'm pushing up daisies. What I weight becomes less important, as I go along, than that. So, who knows?

I've passed two goals. We'll see if I pass any more of them. But HEALTHY? That's not a goal to attain, so much as it is one to maintain, isn't it? Because we can be healthy long before we reach our weight and BF goals.

As we age, the most important health component of continued weight loss is how it eases the stress on our bones.
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Old Fri, Apr-02-21, 20:49
JustAGirl JustAGirl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 639
Plan: Atkins (unprocessed)
Stats: 107/105/105 Female 64
Progress: 100%
Location: usa

motivational thread
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Old Sat, Apr-03-21, 03:08
thud123's Avatar
thud123 thud123 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 6,890
Plan: DDF (2021 Q2)
Stats: 168/93/82 Male 182cm
Progress: 87%

i will never be able to get below my goal, even after the worms have finished their job
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Old Sat, Apr-03-21, 08:35
barb712's Avatar
barb712 barb712 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,419
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 240/181/185 Female 5'11"
Progress: 107%

My original realistic goal was 199, i.e. under 200 lb for life. My wildest dream was to get down to the 170s. Today I'm 184, pursuing my wildest dream weight. I feel like I'll get there ... when I get there. Meanwhile, I'm very pleased and comfortable where I am.
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Old Fri, May-21-21, 07:50
LiterateGr's Avatar
LiterateGr LiterateGr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 149
Plan: Atkins/General LC
Stats: 240.0/178.0/155 Female 5 '9"
Progress: 73%

My "old" goal was 170. I got down to 160.

Now, I've gained, and I got back up to 185. (No scale, after my move, and laid up from surgery, eating out of boredom)

I've set my new goal at 150. If I surpass it, I'll still be within "normal" BMI until 140, and I know how to STOP losing... though, honestly, once I'm in the swing, it does take a real mental shift.

BTW, I hit that goal back in early 2020. It's now mid-2021, and I am complaining because I'm up. (My clothes started getting tight, so I knew I couldn't keep putting off that new scale.)
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Old Fri, May-21-21, 15:35
Bob-a-rama's Avatar
Bob-a-rama Bob-a-rama is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,723
Plan: Keto (Atkins Induction)
Stats: 235/175/185 Male 5' 11"
Progress: 120%
Location: Florida

I met my original goal, which was to lose about 50 pounds.

Then I set a new goal, to have a BMI that was no longer overweight, but normal.

I've got to the high side of normal. As my weight still fluctuates, and I'm on the border, I drift into overweight and back to normal, so I haven't quite got there yet. I'll get there though, I'm now 62 pounds down giver or take a few.
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Old Sat, May-22-21, 05:09
WereBear's Avatar
WereBear WereBear is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 13,335
Plan: Epi-Paleo/IF
Stats: 220/123/150 Female 67
Progress: 139%
Location: USA

I went past my goal by being willing to give up anything.

This process started when I realized eating a low carb wrap actually made me bloated. Something I never would have realized until I lost enough weight to wear somewhat-snug pants again. Going gluten-free restarted my weight loss and had a positive impact on my health.

Stress and health challenges ramped up my efforts, until I now eat from a very restricted list. But it's tasty and full of nutrition and whenever I stray, I gain again, or even have illness flareups.

It's true. Nothing tastes as good as real health feels.
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