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Old Mon, Jun-11-18, 11:50
ayeh ayeh is offline
New Member
Posts: 6
Plan: Keto
Stats: 339/338/220 Male 74'
Default Day 1: 138 To Go

Hi Everybody,

Just started my first day of true Keto. I'm 338 lbs right now and targeting 200 lbs. I'd like to accomplish it in a year but we'll see what happens.

Found a Keto calculator and saw that my macros are:

Carbs: 27g
Fat: 178g
Protein: 107g

They say this puts me at about 8 lbs/month lost but I'm hoping to increase that w/ discipline (truly staying on track) and increasing intensity on exercise. First few weeks I plan to take it slow and let my body and mind adjust to the new lifestyle. I imagine the body will be hard (Keto flu and whatnot) but I already know the biggest challenge will be overcoming my brain. And not just my brain but a very specific part of my brain that somehow has the power to override my commonsense and rationale.

"I know this is very bad for me, I know I should be doing something good for me, I know all the reasons that I started this journey, but I'm going to eat this pizza anyway"

I've always been a big guy but I blossomed in college and it wasn't until the tail-end of my career there that I was able to lose about ~75 lbs to walk around at 275 (which is still big).

A few years later I'm back to 338 lbs and wishing I had somehow maintained the momentum when I was 275.

Anyway this is my big push. I've dabbled and failed in the past but this time it feels different. Even though I call this Day 1, I've been drastically cutting carbs since Friday. My last 'bread' thing that I ate was a pastry at the car dealership on Saturday when my car was being serviced.

I really want to see this through to my goal of 200 lbs. I have a growing support system at home with my little brother who has already lost over 100+ lbs so that is good, but I know the greatest threat comes when I'm alone.

Anyway, wasn't sure where to put this introduction of sorts. Tips and suggestions are most appreciated.


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Old Mon, Jun-11-18, 12:23
rpavich's Avatar
rpavich rpavich is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 735
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 282/262/205 Male 6' 1
BF:waaay tooo much
Progress: 26%
Location: West Virginia

Welcome Tony!

This is a great group of folks, you will like them.

I've got a goal of about 200 lbs also...though I'm flexible.

You'll find lots of inspiration here; there are folks who've lost and kept a LOT of weight off; khrussva is one that comes to mind. For an inspiration, read his posts.
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Old Mon, Jun-11-18, 16:27
thud123's Avatar
thud123 thud123 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 5,368
Plan: <21 Net/NoSnack (2020/Q1)
Stats: 342.2/224/000 Male 182cm
Progress: 35%

"I really want to see this through to my goal of 200 lbs" -Tony

Welcome Tony. If I will offer only one piece of advice... Don't put a time limit on it. When and if you reach a weight of 200, you've reached a weight of 200. That's it.

Be a friend to your body, not it's boss as it may rebel --- I guess that's two pieces of advice
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Old Mon, Jun-11-18, 20:05
Ms Arielle's Avatar
Ms Arielle Ms Arielle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 12,773
Plan: atkins
Stats: 255/214/153 Female 5'8"
Progress: 40%
Location: Massachusetts

WHen yoou work your way into this ketogentic diet, the craving for pizza will diminish. FOr me? LOVE pizza and my thin trim teens can clean out the fridge......

When I hit road blocks I use the 90 good habit challenge to inspire dedication to a new way of eating..... you might check it out, see how it works for others, and design a support challenge for yourself.
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Old Wed, Jun-13-18, 11:35
bworthey's Avatar
bworthey bworthey is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 547
Plan: Low carb
Stats: 352/332/240 Male 5 feet 6 inches
Progress: 18%
Location: Nettleton, MS

Welcome to the group! I'm in similar spot, started my LC journey around 365 and hope to get to about 225. I made it to 245 but got off track and gained most of it back. I completely understand about the alone thing. I'm good when I'm around people but I struggle more when it's just me. Hang in there with it!
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Old Sat, Jun-16-18, 15:14
Little Me's Avatar
Little Me Little Me is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,166
Plan: LC/GF
Stats: 208/166/168 Female 5'3
Progress: 105%
Location: SoCal

Hi Tony,

I love pizza too. Itís about the only thing that knows my name and calls to me. There is a great recipe for Fathead Pizza Crust out there itís really good if you donít burn it (ask me how I know). We make it with sausage, pepperoni, and thinly sliced onion. Itís not difficult, but if youíre not game for cooking just eat the toppings baked together in a casserole dish. Works for me.

Good luck on your journey.
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