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sosumi..not too sure about what or how to actually post my stats...not something I've ever thought about doing...but if I can help encourage you in any way I'd like to do so...I started on Atkins waaaay back in now (after my long on/off battle) at 184..hoping to reach 180 before the end of August..(guess that's my mini goal) according to "official" weight charts, now that I've shrunk yet again...I'm supposed to be aiming for 97.9 pounds...which as far as I'm concerned is a joke...I don't think I'd look/feel good at that low of a my long term goal is 150...I'm an emotional eater who absolutely adores carbs of any kind...I tend to "reward" myself when in the middle of stressful/over involved times...I have six "kids", six grown grandchildren, and seven great am seldom away from stress (mostly the good kind) and it seems like I'm more involved each and every day...I've learned to replace ice cream (my main go to carb) with yogurt and have found a lot of replacements for "bad" carbs...for the most part eat healthy..I slip up when I don't plan ahead...SO if I can offer one piece of would be to do something like Fitday to plan each day's meals ahead of time and then stick to the plan..and come on here EVERY day even if you only have the time to read a few posts...the support you can get is endless...Hope this helps
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