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Originally Posted by RCFletcher
Will my old journal still exist. It is an invaluable record y ofthe last ten years of my life and struggle with my weight to me?

hi Robert,

Yes, your old journal will always be available for reading . However, it's locked to prevent further posting and editing activity.

Many members have found it useful to save a copy of their journal to their computer's hard drive. To do this, click "Show Printable Version" from the Thread Tools menu at the top of your journal thread. You can then use your browser to save it, or print to a file. At the top right of the printable view, you'll see an option to "Show 3000 posts from this thread on one page" that way you can save the whole thing in one go. However, this ONLY applies to your own current journal, ie, the one which has the current icon. So do it before starting the new thread , otherwise the only options are 15 or 30 posts per page.

Hope that helps

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