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Default Long journals/threads

This sticky will be used to update information on long threads


We are currently starting new journals for members who reached over 2,000 posts in their journals. So don't panic if you see some journals closed and started in a new thread. The following explains it in more details.

As some members may be away, or no longer active, we may simply close their journal in a week or so, and will leave a copy of these instructions, so they can resume their journals when they come back.


This note is posted to all members whose journal/thread is at or exceeds 2.000 posts.

Long threads, now that we have many of them, are slowing down the forum, and we'd like to speed things up to make it more accessible for all users ..

Below are the instructions on how to start the "part 2 (or 3)" of your journal. Be assured that your current journal will NOT be removed. It will be closed to new posts, but will remain in the journal area so you can read/review etc.

To start your new journal:

1. Go to the Test section of our forum here:

2. Star a new thread there. This will be your new (part 2 or 3 etc) journal. So give it the title you would like, and post whatever you'd like your new journal to start with.

3. That's it. Once we see it posted in the test forum, it will be moved to the journal area, and update the journal links to it. If it doesn't get moved within one day (24 hours), please feel free to send a report as reminder.
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