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Originally Posted by Demi
This is so quick, easy and delicious:

Ginger & Garlic Chicken with Pak Choi

Fresh ginger
Garlic clove
Chicken breast, cut into strips
Pak choi (Bok choy), roughly chopped
Olive oil

Crush the fresh ginger and garlic, and then add to some olive oil in a wok (or frying pan), and when the oil is hot enough add the chicken. When the chicken is just turning golden, throw in the chopped pak choi, stirring until it is slightly wilted. Serve immediately.

This recipe serves one, but it is easy to make for more people - just add another chicken breast and pak choi per person. You can also add more ginger and garlic - entirely your choice.

ummmmmmmmmmmm that one really sounds good!!!!
thanks for all the recipes!
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