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I have low carb'ed on and off since 2000. Trying to stick to it this time, but it's tough. I LOVE bread. I LOVE sandwiches. What amazes me is that in the seven years I've been LCing, I've only tried the rev rolls recipe ONCE. Mine turned out as flat as pancakes. And I did not like the taste. But the next day, they tasted pretty good. So I'm not sure why I never tried to make these again. Until now. They are SO good. Yes, mine are still a little flattish... gotta experiment a bit getting those whites at their peaks. But I absolutely love this recipe. It will definitely be something I make in batches every weekend to be consumed over the coming week.

BTW, I made mine with Helman's mayo, using 3 tbs to replace the cottage cheese/cream cheese/whatever.
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