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I started on regular metformin and a low carb diet. Not sure what the state of my gut was/is, but I was eating full fat yogurt with live cultures. Anyway, my gut never adjusted to the metformin even with a slow ramp up in dose. Luckily, my insurance did cover glumetza and that worked great for me. Now I take the generic glumetza (has the same special coating, not nearly as expensive), still works great.

In the beginning, I did ask about victoza and other drugs to help me lose weight/lower blood glucose as I didn't think it was happening fast enough. Thankfully, my doctor and the pharmacist counselor said just to give it more time before trying anything else.

On reflection, I don't see how peeing out excess sugar can be healthy. It certainly doesn't give incentive to change one's diet, and I would imagine a lot of bladder infections are involved.
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