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Jaz- CONGRATS on five pounds down and more to come I'm sure, with taking the pup out so often and the walks and so forth. I think Ruger will be instrumental in your weight loss!

Lori- hugs on your hip. Any chance it is mattress related?
Glad DH's procedure went well and hopefully will bring good results.
Yay for lots of upcoming golf!

Trig- Heck yeah at 93 your Mom can eat whatever she wants for sure! I am just amazed at how well she does. You come by it naturally!

Not too much to report here. Did a deep clean of the upstairs bathroom (master) and dusted and vacuumed all the bedrooms upstairs. Tomorrow I will tackle the kitchen and vacuum the main level, dust etc.

I think the cicadas might be lessening in our area. I went out and poop scooped and it was bad but not horrible. Fingers crossed. I REALLY want to be able to spend time outside again!

That's pretty much it. I'm a little boring right now!
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