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Its a funny thing, but it was doing the soup diet, that got me thinking about Atkins again..

Did it a few weeks back... hated the first few days... was hungry all the time, but came the end of the week... when I was on those steak and tomato, and protein and vege days that suddenly got energetic... and during those days, the whoosh fairy appeared, and I dropped 3kgs.... hubby had been doing it with me, and he dropped 7kgs that week....(don't you just hate that)....

The next week I bloated back up again... and lost that energy, and decided it was the bread that was doing it...???? and had a good look at what I had been doing on the soup diet...

I was using the original Sacred Heart hospital version... no tomatoes in the soup, and mostly low carb vegies.. just a little different to the Today tonite version...

Was thinking, that maybe you could just do those last 2 days repeatedly for a week..... Lo-carb vege soup whenever you feel hungry, and the rest is really just basic, LC.... 500g steak and 5 tomatoes one day.... unlimited meat fish or chicken and veges the second....

I suspect that you would probably regain any losses pretty quickly, but maybe it would just kick-start that metabolism.... ?????? Dr. Atkins does say that sometimes the only way out of a serious stall.. is a few days on another diet regime....
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