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Do you think that would be stuffing my body up too much?

Um, frankly, yes, I do.
What you will be doing is yoyo dieting - responsible for many a wrecked metabolism.

As you are close to your goal, you should be on pre-maintenance by now. Remember, Dr Atkins warns that weight loss will be very slow during this phase. Remember too, that for your weight loss to be permanent, eating low carb has to be a way of life. By now, you should be very comfortable eating LC. Why would you want to change that just to lose a bit more quickly?

Have you measured yourself? Because there is a chance you have lost an inch or two even if the scales have not changed.

I don't know what you've been eating, so maybe posting some of your usual menus might help us to suggest something to help.

Meanwhile, have a read of this Plateau Buster's Checklist.

All the best, matey. I hope you achieve success soon. (But please, forget the soup diet.)

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