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Default Soup Diet. What do you think?

Hi everyone. I've been tossing this idea around in my head and wanted to bounce it off you guys to see what you think.

As you know I love this Atkins WOE but as you also know I haven't lost on the scales for the last 4 weeks and I'm only 3kg off goal. Have I also told you that patience is not a virtue I possess?

Before starting Atkins I did a week of the soup diet and lost 4kg in the week. For those of you not familiar with the soup diet it is an eating plan that involves eating lots of vege one day you can have soup plus any fruit you want, then the next day soup plus any veges, then soup and fruit and veges, then soup plus 1 serving of meat, then soup plus all the meat you can eat, one day is banana smoothie day, more soup etc. The plan is for 7 days. They recommend you only do it for a maximum of 2 weeks and then follow a low GI diet.
It was featured on Today Tonight a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I was wondering if maybe to shake things up a bit, I do it for 7 days and then go back to Atkins after that. Do you think that would be stuffing my body up too much? I assume I would go out of ketosis, and I can remember feeling very hungry most of the time....and VERY sick of the soup by the end of the but I dunno. I just feel very stable at the moment and feel that my body has "settled" into how it is now and that nothing's going to change in the near future as far as weight loss goes *sigh*

So.....ummmm..what do ya think?
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