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I haven't read all the replies in this thread but
for me, it usually starts like this;

It always starts whit a bite of something.
Just one chips. It sure not going to make a difference.

I had a chips! Nothing happened.
Next time I take a few
pieces, darn... I'm out of keto. Not a problem I just finish
this carb bomb and I will be back to LC tomorrow.

Tomorrow. That Ice cream used to be my favorite, lets just
buy it and I can get back to LC tomorrow.

Tomorrow. I haven't gained any weight!!! I'm just going to have
that pasta I used to like. I can get back to LC tomorrow.

After a few "tomorrows". Oh my!!! My pants start to get tighter.
This is depressing I failed again!! Ill just grab some Ice cream
to make me feel better...

Once passed that point the doughnut around my waist just keeps
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