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Increasing the carbs (with allowed from Dr. Atkins' list of allowed foods - i.e. veggies ) is what Dr. Atkins suggests, if it's just about the carb levels.

However ... it sounds like hypoglycaemia to me, which is low blood sugar, so it's probable that you didn't eat enough calories, and possibly also didn't eat the veggies. If you tell us what you ate, it will help us give you appropriate advice. You need to be eating proper meals, including 20g of carbohydrate foods from Dr Atkins induction list of veggies and initially it's really helpful to use My Plan to record your food intake so you can work out your calories, etc. Personally I am OK with about 800-1250 calories but most people eat more.

List your foods and amounts here, and we can take a look.
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