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Default Freeletics (Bodyweight Crossfit) &LC'ing for a Teen?

Freeletics (Bodyweight crossfit) & LC for a teen? - Low Carb Friends

Hello! This is my first post here, so maybe I should introduce myself..
I'm 16 and 9 months old, I'm a senior (I skipped a year, aint I smart xD?), and I'm looking to lose weight. I have always been an overweight kid when I was younger, and through puberty and portion control, I got down to a healthy body and filled out in all the nice places. It was a loss of 15 lbs, and grown over 10 cms.. So quite a change.

I live in Egypt, but I'm studying on the American Diploma, so I had to finish my SATs with TOP scores, because in Egypt more than 60% of whether I get accepted or not in universities depend on it. I finally did that, but going one last time this saturday!

You may ask.. Why am I here?!
Well I gained back about 10 lbs, and I was just never that happy.. A human is very greedy, and I'm just a human.

My prom is on the 25th of April, so I have exactly 140 days or 20 weeks, from Sunday 6/12 till then.
I wanna lose the extra 10 I gained, and lose another 10 lbs (hopefully) to be at 110, on 5'4".

My question really..

Is I'll be LC'ing with my mom (she has 20 lbs to lose as well, but she already started).. I'm doing it for various reasons, for the sake of not being attacked for being different and not that high weight..

1- I am in a family full of diabetic people.. And no thanks.
2- The exercise plan I will be on suggests it.
3- I think it's a very balanced way of eating, since carbs make
Me go on a full BINGE.. No kidding.

Time to cut the crap xD!

So my question.. Again..

Can I do a high intensity training with LC'ing?
The plan suggests it but I'm a bit wary..

For example the first workout is

450 jumping jacks
150 burpees
150 sit ups
150 leg lifts

... In a form of sets and rounds of course..

So.. Yeah xD

I just wanted to know your experience! Andd if there are any similarly aged people out here?

All you women and men are inspiring!
Be nice,
Your FFG .
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