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CALP is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I have been following the program for the last nineteen months and will be following it for the rest of my life. I have found a way that I can eat and remain in control, which is absolutely wonderful.

I honestly believe that I am insulin resistant and eating carbohydrates, with the exception of vegetables, outside of my Reward Meal only causes me to want more carbohydrates.

I have found a way to eat that keeps me completely satisfied without any cravings or deprivation. I did not become the size that I was when I began this program by eating healthy, so I knew that changing my eating habits to forbid the things that I enjoy would not work for me in the long run.

I make balancing my meals a very important part of following this program. My Complementary Meals include the same amount of protein and vegetables. My Reward Meals begin with two cups of salad and then I get to include my favorite salad dressings. I eat the same amount of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates and found that I have not needed to fix my plate with anymore since I am completely satisfied with my meal. I know that if I am still hungry that I can add more protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates in equal amounts and still be following the program.

I was a chocolate junky and because I allowed myself to enjoy it as my sole carbohydrate every other day, I am in control of it for the first time in my life. It took me a year and a half to gain control over my chocolate addiction, but I can now eat a small amount and be satisfied.

I eat real food that I can get at any supermarket or restaurant. My cupboards are not filled with products that are inedible and I get to follow any recipe I choose. I am able to enjoy the holidays and all special events, and still stay on my program.

I don't believe that there is only one program that fits all, but I do know that the Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Program is the one that fits me perfectly!
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