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Exclamation Kitchen Forum Rules: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING HERE. *Updated Sep 2014*

Welcome to the kitchen forums! We ask that you observe the following guidelines when posting here:

1. Do not start a new thread in the recipe forums (Main Dishes, Breakfast Ideas, etc) unless you are posting a recipe. All question and help threads are to be posted in the "Kitchen Help" forum. This makes it easier to use the search function, and people will be able to find your question and answer it sooner.

2. Recipes may only be posted if they do not violate copyright. This applies to most cookbooks. If you found the recipe elsewhere on the internet, be sure it would not be a violation of copyright to post it. If in doubt, post a link instead. If it's a recipe that you have used and tweaked enough to make it your own, that's okay to post, but it would be a generous gesture to credit the source of inspiration.

3. Please use the search function before requesting help to find recipes or ideas. Chances are, it's already here. Doing a quick search is far faster than waiting for replies. Many recipe posters have since left the forum, and/or won't notice an individual request.

*Note that the forum search is currently disabled due to software issues, but please use the google search box. Simply click "advanced search", and you will be taken to a page on which you can use the google search at the top of the page to search our forum.

Hint: be aware of the following commonly misspelled words: avocado, broccoli, buffalo, casserole, cauliflower, chili, daikon, frittata, kohlrabi, omelette, parmesan, potato, quiche, tomato, zucchini.

4. Please do not bump recipes. There is no need, as all recipes are linked in the "Table of Contents" stickies, so bump posts will be removed.

Thank you, and have fun in the kitchen!
The Active Low Carber Forum Team

Note: this thread is closed to replies. If you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the Kitchen Help forum.
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