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fwoah guys!

sorrie manz i didnt notice there were already 2 new pages after my previous post in this thread...

these days i have been spending a lot of time on my new notebook bought from the PC Show at Singapore Expo (currently using it to type this msg)...doing the ethernet networking etc...woah buay tahan.....made me so pissed off...

so anyway i am game for a makan outing...

maybe wanna compile an outing list? then maybe correspond thru email/icq/pm ??

Makan/Supermarket Outing

1. fumih_81

mmm just want to know do most buffets have the halal cert? or which places definitely not halal?

anyone has recommendations for salmon sashimi/low-carb buffets? i know breeks buffet restaurant at marina sq is actually one good place for is abt 17 bucks per person...i never tried it but my brother did. can eat unlimited portions of meat, potatoes etc...blanja everyone to buffet this place also not bad.

woah jewel, you are very active. sometimes the most i go is 2X or 3X in one week for gym exercising...normally i hang out either at my office gym or bishan public gym... now becoming 1X ...sleepy and busy ah...tak boleh tahan...

jewel are u a full time artist ?

anyway anyone care to do an intro...other than our own low-carb history?


Fumih_81 intro

Currently i am working full time as an Interactive Media Designer but mainly taking care of print design. Anyway i am 22 this year hehehe and been low-carbing since 1998. you can say low-carb is on/off always.

since young i always been big...other than inheriting my grannie's endormorphic shape. so basically i am always the odd one out...

my interests include art, music, movies, gym, ktv, sleep, surf web...and prob some IT stuffs ...

mmm in future hope to have the opportunity to study overseas and marry ...wahahahah sorrie currently no bf so i cant think too much abt it.

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