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Originally Posted by bsheets
So how late do you eat lunch then?

Actually, only if you have time other wise I know this is asking a lot... but if you get a chance, could you maybe list a run down of a typical week day for you?

Like maybe wake up 6am, do 30mins walking, have breakfast, leave for work 7am, have morning tea 10am, go for 40-45min walk/job at 12 then eat lunch at desk at 12.40pm etc etc??

I'm start a Mon-Fri as of tomorrow and I've very interested to find out weekday routines. And you seem to have such a great system working for you!!

Have a great rest of weekend,
Erika, I'm so sorry, but I totally missed your post. I've been ill and haven't visited by gym log in weeks.

I'll sort out a list of what I was doing and get back to you asap if you still want it! Looks like you've got a great routine going already
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