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My life is extremely crazy right now.And I have to find a middle ground, "
balance".Easy word but hard to do.
I am not on atkins but I have less than 20 carbs a day.I love my coffee,dont always eat enough vegs,and dont always drink my water.Havent had time to excercise.But as long as I try, it gets better everyday.
For me I dont have time for a big recipe,(shred the homemade cheese and spinkle the freshly grown herbs) so I have picked something I like and stuck to it .Which has got me started and I see a difference.Sometimes I have a hard time eating.Afraid whatever I eat will go to my hips.years of yo yo dieting and starving myself.I have made my diet simply I dont worry about anything but carbs.And I keep a home journal of food intake.
Good luck with your weight loss.
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