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What do guys know anyway? My bf is really thin, only an inch or two taller than me and weighs 165. He freaked when I told him I was about the same, he thought I was 125!!! If I was 125 I'd be too skinny- I'm 5'8". Reach for 160 and see how you like it, then go from there. My bf doesnt want me to lose either- or maybe he just says that to avoid my wrath. if he told me to lose, I'd tell him to piss off, call it what you will but I refuse to change for anyone but me when it comes to these. I need to lose weight for me, especially since hearing negative things about my weight from others drives me into this insane state- I either binge or starve, there isnt a middle ground. Since I'm doing this for me, I can actually think about what I'm doing and do it healthy. I also had an ED- it never really goes away, be very careful not to let it take control.
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