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Plan: Aktins
Stats: 190/190/145 Female 5'6

I would just like to say 2 things.I am big boned and could never weight a 130 i would proably disa[ 150 is good for me.At 5'6 height.
We are not the same age but I tell you from experience.My hubby loves me just the weight I am actually he has made it harder for me He doesnt understand why I want to loss little or no supportI believe he thinks I cant do it.He was married before, his first wife tried to no avail and maybe he saw her let down time and time again. I told him Im different.It might not come off over night but it will come off.I had to explain to him.he may be happy with my weight but I am not and I have to live with me.Its all about me.I deserve a better life one where I am comfortable in my own shoes.Most people who lose for bf or hubbies dont do it.Search yourself .he maybe worried for your health.But you must be worried for your health.Ill never be a model and be bone thin but I can look my best in my eyes.And that is what truely matters.It sounds like you may have a great coach to help you, use that . my dad went on this diet also and we talk about all the time ways to better eating ,plan things to eat.we share our ups and downs with each other so he is great support.
Good luck on your journey to a new you
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