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Originally Posted by coke&&glam
well... im 230 right now... i wanna be like... 160... im big boned and when i was 140 my hip bones and ribs showed... it was hard finding clothes that fit right... and im only 5'5... my bf wants me down to 130... i guess thats more healthy than 160...

I am your height and my goal weight was 140. I too am fairly big boned and I think that instead of setting a goal weight for right now, get around 160lbs and then decide how much more, if anything you think you need to go. I think you should get down to what YOU want to get down to. It is hard to judge right now how you're going to look at a certain weight until you actually get there. 130 may be too low or it might be just right, but I think you should do what makes you feel best.
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