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Plan: Protein Power/Atkins
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Wear Bear, those are old stats - 2007

I am a returnee - having backslided.

I can blame it on hospital and rehab facility foods post surgeries, but in reality it was food choices based upon ease of preparation and taste. Not to mention the comfort foods to ease the post surgeries depression.

Can't remember where to go to update stats.

Nov 21, I hit 200, my glass ceiling. Currently at 190 (after faithfully weighing and measuring), goal 175

The research and books have changed since I lived Protein Power in 2006-7. I am also 13 years older and 2 more (failed) surgeries later. Slow going. Not really surprising.

I do a lot of reading on low carb - just to keep my mojo going.
When I lose interest - I backslide

Thanks for asking

Edit to read: I have gone back to my user panel and updated my stats. And picture.
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