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Default you are loving your Yoga and yea, I bet it is harder than one thinks I know when I bought those classical stretching tapes thinking they would be easy....omg they are so hard! LOL

Lucky you DH wasn't hungry and ya got away easy in the kitchen. always a good thing.

HI to all

Shopping was FUN. Unreal. Kid actually was nice to me and we chatted and had fun. Kid nice to me is actually talking to me, it wasn't just got a good day like Nicco did with her son the other day HAHA

Bra shopping. omg she was mortified. Lady measured her fast and she is a 36D. yea, 14 yr old but good thing is she is doine growing I am sure at this point. But trying to find the right style/design for her was tough cause we all know bra shopping right? Well the lady was so nice at Victoria Secret but came at kiddo like a freight train and was showing her how to rearrange her boobs in a bra and this and that and kiddo was like beside herself HAHA I found it funny as hell. But she got 4 nice ones that suit her her boobs are where they should be vs. hanging down in sports bras. She likes the 4 she got, only a $110 for 4 on sale...but now she knows real bra shopping and she said she will just send me to the store to pick up new ones of those when she needs them, she has no intention of going bra shopping ever again....yea right....too darn funny actually.

She got good clothes. She hit well and fast in stores. Only spent about 400 total so we did good, she got a lot of stuff to suit her and done deal.

Today is haircuts at 9
off to eyeglass place to tighten her glasses etc....she might want new frames also? we shall see on that
Then to her fav shoe store for new sneakers

then home cause around 2:30 we have to leave for orientation for high school

I wanted more fast day yesterday but ended up eating some. I just got starved. Nice NY strip steak and small salad. I wanted more food then the steak but didn't want to deal with cooking shrimp etc. so I just opted for little unjacked salad. worked out good and simple

so far hanging in there in food dept. Am feeling thinner so that is good

got some type of head cold happening, or sinus? but feels more like a head cold cause I do have that icky tasting cold feeling in my throat. oh well, will survive I am sure

off to get things moving around here. morning gonna go fast I think

great day all
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