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Nicco sounds like your fall is booked up already with all those festivals etc sound like fun times!!

yea I was laughing at what you wrote about your DS and alarms and more!! My kid does funky alarm. drives me nuts also. sets it for 5 am.....'checks her phone' etc....then falls back to sleep and I then have to get her up. She won't set an alarm and get up for school, she says she is up at 5 am but then with her falling back asleep what good is that? told her a gazillion times LOL I tell ya, don't get me started LOL

Lori your meat and gravy sounds yummy. Glad this up down is working for ya! nice to find something that hits and holds well.
good for you!!

Good luck on your boob squish ugh....haha

Jazz hope your date is cool and ya get something fun out of this you know we can't wait to hear all about it!!!

back to school is happening now. busy busy in general. finish with rv fast now this morn cause hubby is taking it in for the new antenna. I tell ya, annoying as heck sometimes but it is what it is.

Greg, post up, we need to know you are doing well

HI BLUE, loved your email vid!!

hey all
I am discombobulated? Is that a word and spellable really? is spellable a word? heck I don't know.

too much doing here. ALL STARTING to grate on my last nerves. Too much, too fast coming at me anymore.

used to be able to handle 100 things at I can barely remember the one thing I am doing when I am doing it--HA

off to mall in a bit with kid.


told her she has to get the end I don't care what she buys, just have some new clothes for school LOL
then bra shopping for her....she is wearing sports bras and I have to say she has some boobage up there for 14--ugh--so going to Victoria Secret for measurements on real bras and get some for her. Once we know her size but she loves sports bras so I said just try the others and after I gave ya the options, I don't care what ya wear thru your life anyway shoot me now please HA

hubby taking rv to service for that new antenna that came in after we left on our trip....what a pain

have crap to do here but no time to do it.....whatever....I see rum and diet pepsi in my future tonight. gotta be careful cause with such little food I am eating, I could get super crocked fast LOL which right now is fine with me but it could lead to eating so I best watch out!!! again, whatever, I don't care......everything is annoying now

gotta run for shower, get kid moving now or never get out of the house. mall early and done. being Wed I hope no one is there and we can get this crap done fast.

tomorrow is school orientation day. get her Chromebook and class schedules and we still haven't gotten list of school crap she needs. I tell ya....

bye all
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